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USA | Unfiltered | October 2, 2015

I am an 18 year old, new nursing student at my local college. We are doing our first ever med pass and being a nervous wreck, I make a small error in my dosage calculation. The instructor is pretty laid back.

Me: “I will give half a tablet.”

Instructor: “Who in the world taught you how to do math?!”

Me: “Your mom.”

He looks at me like I am insane before realizing that I graduated from the high school his mother teaches math at. Yes, she really did teach me Algebra 1. We had a good laugh about it.

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Victoria, Australia | Unfiltered | October 2, 2015

(My high school has an area outside which is covered by tarps, the ground is covered in fake grass. Students tend to eat their lunch out here, so it gets rather messy. My friend and I are walking to the main office, no other students are around. We see one of the maintenance crew vacuuming the lawn.)

Friend: Is he “vacuuming” the lawn? *incredulous expression*

Me: Yes, yes he is. *continues walking*

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New Jersey, USA | Unfiltered | October 2, 2015

(I’ve recently been promoted to keyholder at a chain clothing/skateboard shop in the mall. This morning I’m opening alone and taking care of some store-to-store transfers. A woman comes in with a return.)

Me: Hi, how can I help you today?

Woman: I’ve got a return from another store, but their computers were down so the receipt was handwritten.

Me: Well, let me take a look at it and see what I can do.

(she hands me the handwritten receipt, which has the printed credit card receipt stapled to it, so I can tell it’s an actual transaction and not a fake. I check the totals, and they match, and as I check the date, I notice that the purchase was almost three years ago in a store out of state. Our return policy is within 90 days.)

Me: Ma’am, I’m sorry. But you bought this almost three years ago, I’m not sure that I can take this return.

Woman: But I paid for it! The tags are still attached and I have the receipt!

Me: Yes, I see all of that, but our return policy is thirty days for cash back, ninety days for store credit.

Woman: I want to speak to the manager.

Me: I’m the current manager on duty, I’m sorry, but I can’t take this return.

Woman: Is there anything you can do?

Me: Give me one moment.

(I call my store manager, who will be in later on. I ask her if there’s anything I can do, she tells me I can return the item for whatever price it rings up as in the computer, but I can’t do a full return. I explain this to the woman.)

Woman: Well what do you mean?

Me: Well, you bought the item so long ago, it may have gone on sale since then, or moved to an outlet store only.

(the purse is marked at $29.95, I scan it into the computer to check it, and it is coming up as $19.99)

Me: Well, that’s not so bad. Sometimes items can go down below a dollar after this amount of time. Do you still have the credit card you used to purchase it? I can refund you the $19.99 to that.

Woman: That’s unacceptable, I want to speak to your boss.

Me: Ma’am, I just got off the phone with her, she is the one who is even letting me do this refund.

Woman: Well, then I want to speak to her boss!

Me: Umm… Alright.

(I call my district manager, and leave a message telling her to call me back right away regarding a customer complaint. While we wait for her to call me back, I apologize to another woman and her son who I was helping find shoes before the woman doing the return came in. My district manager calls back, I explain the situation, she tells me the same thing my store manager told me, and I tell her the woman wants to talk to her. I give the woman the phone and she argues with my District Manager for about ten minutes.)

Me (to second woman and her son): I am so sorry about all of this, if you’d like to leave your items here and come back in a little while, I’ll be able to ring you up.

Second Woman: Oh, don’t worry about it, sweetie. Honestly, I don’t want to leave you alone with her in case this gets bad.

(The woman gets off the phone with my district manager, and hands the phone back to me.)

Woman: YOU are the reason retail is a failing industry!

(She takes her purse and receipt and storms out of the store.)

Second Woman: If I were you, I’d be pretty proud of being the reason for an entire economic downfall!

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Phoenix, AZ | Unfiltered | October 1, 2015

(I was a little bummed that I didn’t get a teaching job I had interviewed for and my dad was trying to cheer me up. Keep in mind this is over IM.)

Dad: It’s okay. You’ll find another school. Any school should be proud to have you as their teacher.

Me: Aw, thanks, Dad.

Dad: I know you’ve got the kills.

Me: …Kills?


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Annapolis, MD | Unfiltered | October 1, 2015

My mom has been on hold with our cable company, trying to figure out why they have started charging her over 30% more. Apparently we’ve been paying for HD and premium channels, which we never asked for or used. She has been put on hold again when this happens…

Mom: (on hold) Why are they charging me for stuff I don’t want!

Woman on Other Line: *picks up* Hello?

Mom: Hello.

Woman: I’m trying to find out why my Hallmark Channel isn’t working?

Mom: Um, I’m actually a customer too…

Woman: What? How did that happen?

Mom: I don’t know, I’m trying to get my bill reduced and they put me on hold again.

Woman: *laughs*

So, my mom ended up having some laughs with another random customer about how weird and screwed up cable companies are. And we’re still trying to get our bill reduced…

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