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Bronx, NY | Unfiltered | November 28, 2015

(For context of this story: despite being White himself, my husband grew up in an area of the Bronx in New York that is made up of about 98% African American families. I came from suburban New Jersey, and am about the whitest White Boy out there. This happens when we went back up to NY to visit his family and afterwards went to go hang out with some of his old friends.)

Husband: Are [rattles off a few names] around?

Friend 1: Nah, but [other name] is gonna be around in a bit.

Husband: OH! Babe, you get to meet Gorilla.

Me: Wait, what now!?

Friend 2: You never told him about Gorilla!?

(So, as it turns out, one of my husband’s old school buddies had the extremely unfortunate nickname of Gorilla due to how he looks. I’m sitting in stunned disbelief the entire time the history and some of the funnier moments are relayed.)

Me: So lemme get this straight, he’s okay with this name?

Friend 2: Yeah basically.

Me: And he’s even okay when [Husband] who’s about the only white guy in twenty miles of here says it?

Friend 1: Oh hell yeah, it ain’t even racist, he just LOOKS that way. Besides, [Husband] earned his privileges.

(Knowing which “privileges” he’s talking about I just hang my head and laugh. Later we meet up with Gorilla… Who lives up to everything they say and more. When I was driving them all home, Gorilla was the first one dropped off, at which point both the guys in the back seat were INSTANTLY leaning over my shoulder and grinning at me.)

Me: Man, I ain’t known ANY of you long enough to say anything right now.

Friend 1: *dies laughing* YEAH he gets it!

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UK | Unfiltered | November 28, 2015

(I live in a city about 2.5 hours by train away from my parents and sister. I’m on the phone to my mum.)

Mum: Your sister found you a boyfriend.

Me: Oh, really? Is that why she wanted me to phone her?

Mum: I guess so. She said she didn’t fancy him but he’d be perfect for you. So there you go.

Me: Ah right. And, er, where does he live?

Mum: Where do you think? Here, of course.

Me: Thought so. I suspect the barrier
between our love is that we’re never going to meet.

Mum: (Irritably) What do you mean? Honestly, you act like you live on the other side of the world. You can meet up on weekends you know. You could come down here or he could visit you.

Me: Mum, before we can meet up for dates on the weekend, we actually have to meet each other. I don’t really want to travel two and a half hours just to meet a complete stranger. I suspect he’d feel the same way about me.

Mum: (Completely seriously) Why don’t you just meet halfway? What’s halfway between you?

Me: I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it.

Mum: It’s Bath, I think. Is there a direct train from you to Bath?

Me: No idea. I’ve never wanted to go to Bath before.

Mum: Well, look it up later and arrange something with him.

Me: (Giving up) Yes, Mum. Will do.

(I don’t even know the man’s name)

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Edinburgh, Scotland | Unfiltered | November 28, 2015

I went to a restaurant with my sister a while ago and I ordered a surf and turf main course which had a piece of steak and some breaded king prawns.
After eating two or three of the prawns I noticed when I cut into them they still had the line inside (the digestive tract which can be harmful to eat).
After we had finished I spoke to the waitress who asked if I was too full as I hadn’t eaten anymore of my main course and I told her no and explained about the prawns. She asked me to give her a minute and returned with a manager.

The manager told me “Oh we don’t know anything about these, they come ready prepared like this”. I told her I wasn’t asking for anything I just wanted them to know for the future. She then asked me if I was sure it wasn’t just a little bit of grit.
I was shocked and thought is that really much better to have dirt in my food? I said if it was a bit of grit then it wouldn’t be in every single one of them and in the same place.

They both left the table without a word and then the original waitress came back with the bill. They had refunded my starter. On the way out not one of them would look at me or said goodbye.

I haven’t been back.

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USA | Unfiltered | November 27, 2015

(I’ve been student teaching in a fourth grade class, and take over for a week. Before I take over, my mentor teacher gives me some advice.)

Teacher: I know those cool coloring interactive notebook activities are all over the internet and are all the rage, but they are time consuming and don’t contribute to learning at all. Take it from me, skip them, and find something else to do.

(I decide to take her advice since she rates my teaching, and do different activities. At the end of my unit…)

Teacher: Well, I’m all set to take back over! Check out these cool interactive notebook activities I’m going to do with the kids! They’ll love them!

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Yorkshire, UK | Unfiltered | November 27, 2015

(I am training to be a healthcare adviser in a pharmacy. I am working behind the counter alongside my manager a few weeks in and a lady approaches me.)

Customer – Hi, I’d like something for an eye infection.

Me – Sure, can you tell me a little more about the infection? When did it start?

Customer – A few days ago.

Me – Okay, and what are the symptoms? Are your eyes itchy at all?

Customer – Oh, no, it’s not for me. It’s for my dog. He has a really bad infection so I need some eye drops or something for him.

Me – (alarmed) Erm, actually we don’t sell any medication here that’s suitable for animals.

Customer – Oh, I know you don’t sell dog medicine. But I give him human painkillers all the time and he’s fine! I give him baby medicine when he’s sick and a dash of brandy if he has an upset stomach.

(I am an animal lover and quite upset by this)

Me – Those things could all be extremely harmful to animals, perhaps even fatal. I would strongly recommend you only give him medicines prescribed by a vet. I can’t sell any eye drops for your dog, they aren’t licensed for pets.


(she sighs loudly and dramatically and storms out)

Manager – I think you need a break. Good job, though!

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