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(At the pharmacy I work at, we sell cards for buying cell phone minutes. Most of these cards have set amounts that you are able to purchase, usually multiples of $10. The register can only put those set amounts on to the card. A customer I recognize as someone who has given me trouble in the past walked into the store with someone else, grabbed a phone minute card and placed it on the counter)

Me:And how much would you like to put on this card?

Customer: 35 dollars, please.

(I look at the card, it clearly say $10 $20 $30 $40 in giant numbers)

Me: Im sorry, I can’t put $35 on this card. It only allows me to put in the amounts on the front.

Customer:…But I need $35 for my plan!

Me. I’m sorry, but I literally can’t put anything but whats on the card.

Customer: Hold on a second….

(The customer suddenly pulls out a cell phone and procceds to begin hitting numbers for a good 5 minutes. I can hear an automated voice coming from the other end. He then holds the phone up to me)

Cellphone: If your plan is for a monthly charge for $35, please press-

(He pulls the phone back)

Customer: SEE?!


(I then explained and demonstrated that I literally could only put in what the register allows me. He seemed like he was gonna say something else on the matter, but luckily the person he was with saw the futility in the situation, convinced him to leave.)

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(I work at a meat place and a person comes in)

Customer: Hi, do you have a vegan meal?

Me: I’m sorry. This is a meat place. We don’t have a vegan meal.

Customer: Well then how do you serve vegetarians???

Me: Probably go to the salad place next door.

Customer: *turns to everybody* You all act like pigs! You’ve got sauce and meat on your faces! Carnivores!!!

Me: At least we don’t behave like one.

Customer: Excuse me?

Me: Sir, you’re behaving like a carnivore.

Customer: I want to see the manager!

Me: You’re looking at him.

Customer: You’re employee refuses to give me a vegan meal!

Me: …..

(At that point, I asked him to leave, but still calling the place a carnivore.

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(In Canada, we only have one major book retailer, however, not all the stores have the same name. Large stores are called Chapters and small stores are called Coles. The uniforms for all the stores are identical, except of course that the vests say either “Chapters” or “Coles” depending on which store you work in. I work in a Coles, but on this day have gone straight to Chapters after work to grab a book that my own store didn’t have in stock. I don’t think twice about the fact that I still have my uniform on until this happens)
Customer: “Excuse me, can you tell me where to find [book]?”
Me: “I’m sorry, I have no idea.” *suddenly realizing he assumes I’m working* “I don’t actually work here…”
(We both glance down at my work vest)
Customer: “… Oh, Coles! Okay… Well, this is embarrassing!”
Me: “Sorry I can’t help you…”
(He leaves, and I find my book and head to the cash. Guess who shows up right behind me?)
Customer: *sounding proud of himself* “I found it anyway!”
Me: “Well that’s good!”
(I’m glad the whole encounter went without any drama, but from now on I’ll definitely make sure I take off my work vest before going inside another store!)

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One of the many hourly tasks at the fast food place where I work is the restroom check. Mostly this involves making sure paper products are stocked, picking up the paper towels that inevitably miss the trash can, and wiping down the fixtures. The company recently replaced the toilets with low-flow units, and they have become known for failing to flush completely, so a restroom check often requires a flush or two if any paper or other debris is floating in the bowl.

A customer is in one stall in the ladies’ room, but as I am female, I proceed to enter and check the other stalls while said customer is doing her business. Sure enough, one of the toilets has a wad of paper floating, so I flush it. Almost immediately, I hear from the occupied stall, “Hold on a minute, I can’t hear you because some idiot just flushed… can you believe how rude of them?”

A moment later, she walked out of the stall, talking on her cell phone… and apparently had been talking the entire time she was in there! And left the restroom without bothering to flush the toilet she had used or to wash her hands either. My coworker commented afterward that she acted annoyed that she had to interrupt her conversation to order and pay for her food, too.

All I can say is, the restroom is not a phone booth. I don’t care if you want to continue talking while you do your business, but don’t act offended if a flush drowns out the conversation.

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It’s my first day on the register, it’s worth noting that I’m female and my state has laws saying you get additional charge if you’re a man assualting a woman. I’m working the express lane and I’m not supposed to ring someone up if they have more than 20 items. A customer who is using an electronic cart yet isn’t impaired drives up with a loaded buggy.

Me: Sir, that’s over 20 items, I can’t ring you up.

Him: Oh no, it’s just a lot of bigger and bulkier stuff. It’s fine.

I ring him up, it takes a very long time and a line builds behind him.

Me: Sir.. the receipt says you brought 45 items through here… please don’t do this again.

Him: Don’t? Do you even know who you’re talking too? I’ll !@#$ you up you stupid !@#$%

Me: Sir… Do I have to call security? That’s assault on a female…

Customer: Don’t you even dare call security or I’ll bust your ass even worse. I don’t care if you’re a !@#$% or if you’ve got a !$#@

Me: *noticing that my supervisor is literally standing right behind him* Okay.. I won’t

Supervisor: Security’s been called.. Leave the store before they arrive or else.

Customer: I can’t go back to jail! *leaves quickly*

Supervisor: Are you okay? I can’t believe how well you handled that.. I’m sorry you went through that.. normally it’s not THAT bad in here

Me: I’m fine, he’s gone now.

-Sadly I have had one other customer threaten to beat me up, only one though. Overall I’ve been told that I give really good customer service from both customers and managers-

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