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Where I work, the debit machine is broken and you can only swipe your card.  We tape off the slot where the cards would be inserted and write “no chips”. This does not stop anybody from furiously banging their cards into the tape and then looking up at me in confusion.   At least once a week somebody will pull the tape off, and stick their card in, even though the words ” no chips” are CLEARLY written on the tape.

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(Your picture of Bea Arthur captioned “No I will not have a nice day!” reminds me of my granny. It’s the ’80s and the Reagan/Thatcher consensus has lead one or two retailers to think they can graft US retail culture into the UK. It doesn’t always go well. My granny and I are just turning to leave a hardware shop.)

Assistant: Have a nice day!

Granny: Excuse me, young man?

Assistant: Have a nice day?

Granny: I shall have exactly the sort of day I want to, for all the business it is of yours! Now, I’ll thank you to attend to your duties as they relate to the shop and not enquire as to the private affairs of your patrons! I shall be seeing Mr. [Manager] at the Civic Hall meeting on Saturday and you may rest assured I shall let him know of your impertinence! Now, good day!

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(Note: I am a customer at a deli and I’m in a line of customers waiting to place or pickup their order. Trouble arises when customer 1 steps up to place their order. Customer 1 is a normal looking guy, I’m second in line, Customer 3 is an army guy(based on his uniform), and Customer 4 looks like he works in a lawyer office)
Customer 1:Hey there, I’d like to place an ord-.
Customer 4: Hey! hurry up! some of us have to actually be somewhere today!
Customer 1: yes, I’d like to order a ham and cheese sandwich and a-
Customer 4:God who the hell is taking so damn long. *looks at customer 1* hey I know you, your the F*****T who works at [store]. Hurry up and order your box of pickles and get out of the F*****G way.
*almost everyone is stunned. except customer 3*
Customer 3:Hey…. let’s keep things civil.
*after a few awkward seconds*
Customer 1:(somewhat shaken now) ya, as I was saying I’d like to order a ham sandwich and some chips please.
*deli owner writes down the order and customer 1 goes to the waiting line*
Me: I’ll have today’s spec-
Customer 4: God dammit  another F*******G Q*****r to hold up every normal in the line.
Me:I’ll have today’s special.
*I go to the wait line and customer 3 steps up for their order*
Customer 4: There now you two F******T can F***K each other while you wait.
Deli Owner: That’s enough, you leave my store now.
Customer 4: Oh now the terrorist is siding with the Q****rs. why don’t you go back to Iraq. and kill more of our soldiers! aint the right buddy! *bumps customer 3 for their approval*.
Customer 3: Shut up maggot! *customer 4 pales at being yelled at*
Customer 3:This is the United States of america. We are a nation where all are free and considered to be equal, regardless or race, religion, or sexual identity!
Customer 4: *stammering* but their just q**-
Customer 3: I do not care! They are all proud Americans and I salute them for being so. You on the other hand are a disgrace and as you were told to leave, I suggest that you do so or I will gladly escort you out.
Customer 4: *begins to leave* well. F***K you then you dam traitor. I hope they kick you out of the army for being a F*****T  Terrorist lover.

(After customer 4 left. we all thanked Customer 3 and offered to pay for anything he wanted. He politely declined and said that he was doing his duty to ensure the freedoms and rights of his fellow Americans.)

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(I am in the middle of a closing shift. It’s already been a long day and I’m exhausted, but it’s the day before Easter and I’m trying to be as cheerful and accommodating as possible. A man comes up to my register with a large transaction, including three fairly expensive dresses; one is half off, but the other two are full price, and different styles and colors. This happens as the receipt is printing.)

Customer: (on his phone) Uh, Miss, my wife says these two dresses are supposed to be fifty percent off.

Me: (inwardly I am groaning, because the transaction is already complete and I think I know what’s going on, but I ask for a price check anyway) No, sir, these prices are correct. Those dresses are full price.

Customer: Then how come this one is half off?

Me: It’s a different style and brand than the other two, so it’s on a different sale.

Customer: My wife says that when she put these on hold last night, they were half price. You guys didn’t even keep the hold, I had to find them all again myself!

Me: (it is clear the customer is becoming agitated, but at this point I am feeling sorry for his wife because it seems like he is directing his anger at her) Oh, I think that might be because they were on our Power Hour special, which ended at 1 this afternoon.

Customer: My wife was told that the sale would be good today.

Me: Well, it was. But it was the power hour. I apologize if the associate she talked with didn’t make that clear, but-

Customer: (interrupts me, glaring) Whatever. We don’t want these dresses then.

Me: Ok, I am sorry about that. Unfortunately, the transaction was already completed and I can’t process returns at the register, but if you’ll just go back to Customer Service, they’ll-

Customer: (now visibly angry) Whatever, we’re keeping this f****** dresses! (ends his phone call) I hope you have a f***** up night! (grabs the dresses and receipt and storms out of the store)

(I am frozen for several moments, but the customer isn’t even out of the building before my face crumples and I start to cry. It is late and I am tired and not at all emotionally ready to handle being treated like that)

Next customer in line: Why, if I was ten years younger, I’d punch that sucker in the mouth!

(My manager sent me to my break then. Later I find out that the wife called back, and evidently my manager found the hold itself at customer service. I still don’t know what that customer’s deal was, let alone where he’d been looking for the hold!)

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(I’m involved as an official in the local level of an international academic competition; teams of kids compete in a local tournament for the chance to go on to the state tournament and from there to the international tournament. The local level structure is entirely volunteer-run; there are a couple dozen of us who volunteer year-round and organize things, and then each team has to supply two volunteers whom we train to act as judges, monitors, administrative helpers, and so forth for the actual tournament day. Because we need these volunteers to make things work, and they are often the parents of kids competing, I have to be bit careful with their feelings — in a way, they are both staff and customers.

During a team performance, the judges are busy, but administrative helpers are waiting to get result for processing, so I’m chatting with one of them. It so happens that his daughter who is competing goes to the same school as my daughter, who is also competing. The school contains only 5th and 6th grades.)

Me: “Yeah, I’ve got one competing in [specific part of the competition]. She’s on the 6th-grade team for [school].”

Volunteer: “So is mine! She’s [name].”

(My daughter is one of two girls on her team, and the name he just gave me is not the other one. And I was told when they were forming teams earlier in the year that there was just one 6th-grade team.)

Me: *surprised tone* “She’s a 6th-grader? I thought [school] just had one 6th-grade team this year, the one [my daughter’s coach] is coaching, and all the rest were 5th.”

(I am now internally freaking out a bit, because there are levels in the competition that don’t correspond to our school district’s divisions — 5th-grade teams are in the lower level, and 6th-grade teams are in the middle level, and mixed-grade teams have to compete in the level that their oldest participant would have to compete in. A team with mixed 5th- and 6th-grade students that competed in the lower level would have to be disqualified — which would completely suck, but I could not keep silent if made aware of it, because it would be unfair to other teams who belonged in the level.)

Volunteer: “No, she’s on the one my wife is coaching. [Name], in [part of competition].”

Me: “And they’re 6th-graders?”

(I have now flipped through the schedules and verified that this team is indeed competing in the lower level. I’m starting to spin scenarios in my head for how we can fix this without disqualifying them, which will probably involve tracking the team down and getting them to re-do their performance in the judging room for the correct level, shoe-horning them into what should have been a break, and oh man, I hope that they haven’t left the building, and I need to go find the tournament director and get her involved….)

Volunteer: “Oh, wait, maybe she’s a 5th-grader. She’s 10.”

(Of course, having had the issue raised, I couldn’t take his on-second-thought word for it. I had to go track down the team’s paperwork, which includes birthdates and grade levels for each kid on the team. Fortunately, they were all 5th-graders. Whew!)

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