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I’m working as the cashier. A woman comes up with a pair of men’s patterned pyjama pants. We have a policy called “love your customer” – whatever they say a price actually is, we have to believe them and change it, even if we know they’re wrong. Her PJ pants scan up as $20.
Her: oh no, they were on special for 12.98
Me: (knows she’s wrong.) Okay. *changes price*
Her: wait … you’re actually changing it?
me: yes, if you say that the others were 12.98 i will change this one
She fumbles as she goes to swipe her card then puts her hands on the counter and breathes heavily.
Her: no I’m sorry, they were 20 bucks, forget it.
me: … okay.

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(I’m in line at a convenience store in our campus students’ union building, and conversing with the cashiers about a crazy customer they had in earlier. The store has a display of fresh fruit outside the store, but easily in view of the cash registers.)

Cashier: Yeah, he tried to take a mandarin without paying for it-

(At that moment, we hear some raving and a man in a black trench coat and black wide-rim hat starts yelling at the young man who had bought something before me. The young man is standing just outside the store, completely confused as to what’s going on.)

Cashier: That’s the guy… Oh, man.

Raving Customer: *pointing at the young man, who clearly doesn’t work in the store* You think you can’t sell me an orange?! YOU WON’T WORK IN THIS COUNTRY! YOU CAN’T WORK HERE! I want you to sell me an orange, you tell me no – YOU CAN’T WORK HERE! YOU ARE WRONG! YOU ARE AN A**HOLE MONKEY!

Young Man: *shakes his head and walks away*

(Raving Customer then starts pacing around the food court next to the convenience store ranting at no one in particular. As the cashier’s coworker calls security, I cash out and join my boyfriend waiting around outside the store. A few other people are there, watching to make sure Raving Customer doesn’t do anything. He’s made about two laps around the food court by now and passes within earshot, still raving.)

Raving Customer: I’m the New Superman, and I want an orange and a coffee – WHO’S BUYING?! You people won’t sell me – well, I’m the NEW SUPERMAN and I WANT an orange and coffee!

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(I’m working the closing shift for a deli training the new girl, Jess, on how to close down the department.  Company policy states we must close a half hour before the store closes to clean the slicers, floors, and counters.  The deli is closed but a preppy-looking couple shows up wanting service.  After telling the couple the department closed, they continue to insist on being serviced.  Jess approaches me with the issue.)

Jess:  Hey.  The couple over there is demanding to be serviced.

Me:  And did you tell them that we’re closed?

Jess:  Yes, but they’re still arguing this point.  What else can I do?

Me:  Follow me, I’ll take care of it.

(I walk over to the counter where the couple is)

Me:  Yes, what’s the problem?

Man:  No problem.  We just want to be serviced.

Me:  Well, did you hear the young lady tell you that we were closed?

Man:  We did.  But we still want you to serve us anyways.

(short pause)

Me:  Maybe you have trouble understanding English…WE!  ARE!!  CLOSED!!!

(long pause)

Woman:  You can’t talk to us like that.  We spoke to the manager who said it was okay.

Me:  You didn’t speak to no manager.  The manager leaves at 9:00pm and its 10:45pm so I don’t know who it is that you spoke to.  If you want service that badly, go find this so-called manager and have him slice your order!  We are closed and that’s that!

Man:  This is unacceptable.  We go to [store name] at this time and we get serviced there.

Me:  Nice try.  But I shop there too and their deli dept. closes an hour earlier than us.  For the last time, WE ARE CLOSED!!

(couple angrily leaves cussing beneath their breath)

Jess:  Umm…we’re not allowed to talk to people like that.

Me:  Two things.  One, its my last day so I really don’t care.  And two, that couple shows up once a month trying to pull this stunt all the time.  If you get them again, feel free to do what I did to them.

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(I work at a military facility listening to radios and answering phones. One day I got the strangest call I’ve ever received in three years on the job…)

Me: “Good morning, (military facility) this is (my name) speaking. How may I help you?”

(Very old) Caller: “Hello, I live in (next town over) and I have an apointment with Dr. Taylor today. I’m on an oxygen tank so I won’t be able to make it in.”

(note: I have no idea who Dr. Taylor is, I have never heard of him and we definitely don’t have a medical facility at our base.)

Me: “Uh… I’m sorry Ma’am, this is (military facility).”

Caller: “Yes, and I can’t make it in to see Dr. Taylor today because I’m on oxygen! I need to reschedule my appointment!”

Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but you’re going to have to call your doctor’s office. This is (military facility). We help mariners and deal with search and rescue….”

Caller: “Oh, so Dr. Taylor doesn’t pick up his messages here??”

Me: “Um….no.”

Caller: “Well that’s weird, he must have just stopped. Well thanks for your help young lady, I’ll try to find another number for him….” *Click*

Coworker: “….why would any doctor pick up their messages at a search and rescue base?”

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So there’s this lady who comes in once a week for dinner with her husband. Every week she has something new to complain about. The other day when I was working this woman came back up after receiving her food and asked for all her hot wings to be shaped like a drumstick. I apologized to her and told her we couldn’t control what shape they were in, but I went back to check anyway. I came back, told her we didn’t have any, apologized and asked if I could get her anything else. She promptly groaned as loud as she could and stomped back to her table. Less than five minutes later she came back up with her little cup of mashed potatoes and gravy (which had been mixed together) and told me how messy her food was and demanded me to make her another one. Making sure to get gravy all over the container, I simply smiled and told her to have a nice day.

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