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Because Women Can’t Read Cards?

, , , , , , | Right | November 11, 2021

I work in a call center for a large chain grocery company. When a customer calls in, we need to verify two pieces of information minimum to access an account, unless it’s a new club card, where we just need the card number. From the start, I get a feeling with this customer.

Customer: “I got a new club card and I wanna get the information updated.”

Me: “I can help out with that, not a problem. What’s the number?”

I get the number and see it’s already filled out.

Me: “What’s the name on the card?”

The customer gives me a name that isn’t on the card.

Me: “Any other names?”

Customer: “Nope, no others. Just me.”

Me: “What’s the phone number?”

Customer: “It’s probably a really old phone number. Haven’t used it in years. It’s [number that isn’t on the card].”

Me: “I’m sorry, this club card already has information filled out and it doesn’t match any of the information you provided me.”

Customer: *Suddenly very frustrated* “Get me a supervisor. I’m not gonna have no female playing me like this and telling me that this ain’t my card and giving me this runaround.”

Me: “A supervisor will say the same thing.”

Customer: “I don’t care. Get me a supervisor. I want to speak to a man. Ain’t no woman messing with me this way!”

Me: *Gritting my teeth* “Please hold.”

I don’t give him a chance to respond and dial the line to get a supervisor. This is my first ever openly sexist call and I’m shaking with anger. Somehow, I keep my voice somewhat pleasant when a supervisor picks up. Unfortunately, it’s a guy; fortunately, he’s at least on my team.

Supervisor: “This is [Supervisor].”

I give the supervisor a brief rundown of what happened, including the comment saying that the customer said that he specifically didn’t want a woman helping him.

Supervisor: “And did he say how he got this card?”

Me: “He did not provide it. He just said he needed the information updated.”

Supervisor: “Hmm. All right, send him over.”

I transferred the call. I have no idea how it ended up, but I took a restroom break because I still was annoyed. Reflecting back, I guess that the card was stolen or found somewhere.

Still, what was that guy’s problem?

I Don’t Work Here, Does Not Work Here, Part 36

, , , , , | Right | September 7, 2021

My grandma tells me a story that happened many, many years ago.

 As she’s browsing the aisles, she notices a woman following her and giving her a stink eye. She shrugs it off, doesn’t think much of it, and continues on.

At one point, the woman gives her such a glare that she can FEEL the line of her gaze on the logo on the front of the shirt of my grandma’s work. It’s nothing too big but the red-on-denim does stand out slightly.

Grandma: “Oh! I forgot this had a logo.”

She laughs it off, a silly mistake kind of thing.

Woman: *Snarky* “You shouldn’t be wearing the competitor’s brand here! I’ll have you fired!” *Turns and huffs off*

Grandma: “But I don’t wo— Ooookay?”

After that, she made a note to either wear a light jacket over her clothes or just go the couple extra miles out of the way to the company’s store to avoid more crazies.

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Frustration Is Ramping Up

, , , , , , | Working | April 27, 2021

It is August in Phoenix, Arizona — a desert. The day starts over 100°F/38°C and it’s going to be 115°F/46°C later in the day. We are moving from one house to another.

My wife has to stay at the house we are moving from for a while and then has to get to the new house to meet the cable installer, and we have three little kids who cannot carry heavy boxes.

We have rented a large truck with a ramp to help with the move. We rented from a location near the new house so it wouldn’t be that long a drive at the end of the day. A friend was supposed to help me, but he broke his toe the night before, so I am on my own. Did I mention the temperature? I have to load items from the old house, drive to a storage locker and load items from there, and then go to the new house.

All day, the ramp doesn’t work correctly. It’s difficult to pull out of the back of the truck and nearly impossible to get it back in when I’m done. I have been fighting with it all day, and it’s hot and I’m frustrated. At each stop — sometimes twice at a stop — I call the rental company to tell them the ramp is broken and that they need to send someone to fix it. Each time, the customer service rep tells me that they will connect me to technical support where they can explain to me what I’m doing wrong. As far as they are concerned, it’s not broken, so it must be user error. Each time, I try to convince them it’s not me but the ramp, but they won’t send anyone.

At the end of the day, I finally unload the last of the items into the house or the garage. The ramp is sticking partway into the garage, so we cannot close the garage door. And at this point, the ramp. Will. Not. Go. In. I try all the tricks I have used throughout the day to get the ramp to move and it won’t go.

I call customer service again, and again they want to transfer me to tech support. I stop the woman right there.

Me: “Do not transfer me to technical support. It’s not that I do not know how to do this. I have been fighting this all day and I have been transferred to technical support three times already today. It is not user error. It is broken. It is 10:00 pm and I am hot and tired. Right now, the ramp is sticking into my garage so I cannot close the garage door. I was told when I picked up this truck today that it was heading out on a long-distance move tomorrow morning. So, you have two choices at this point: you can send a mechanic to fix this and I can return the truck, or I will drive it back to the rental center a mile from here now with the ramp dragging the whole way and I will not be responsible for any damage to the truck.”

She agrees to send a mechanic and, in the meantime, I hop into the pool to cool off. When the mechanic arrives at around 11:00 pm, I explain the problem. He gets under the truck and takes one look at the latching mechanism.

Mechanic: “Yeah, this thing is completely busted. The metal was fatigued and it snapped. I’ll have to take it back to the shop and weld it back together. This isn’t going anywhere tomorrow morning.”

He told me to slowly push the ramp back in while he held the broken latch out of the way, and we got the ramp back in. He followed me back to the rental center to make sure I got there safely, and I presume he got to work on the repair.

Sometimes, when a customer says it’s not user error, they might even be right.

In Daylights, In Sunsets, In Midnights, In Cups Of Coffee

, , , , , | Right | February 24, 2021

I work in a very popular chain coffee shop. Most days are pretty basic — a few entitled people here and there but nothing too crazy. On this particular morning, I open after getting about five hours of sleep and have to work with someone I’m not fond of. Halfway through the morning, a couple walks in and comes up to the register. I’m in the middle of taking their order when the man interrupts me.

Man: “You look familiar… Did you work here around this time last year?”

Me: *Slightly confused* “Yes.”

Man: “Oh, my God! Your name is [My Name], right?!”

I’m now even more confused, trying to remember this man’s face. 

Me: “Yeah.” *Chuckles awkwardly*

Man: “Yeah, I remember you! I came in and ordered fourteen drinks at once. You made them all so well and without complaining!”

Me: “Oh, wow! You remember that?”

Man: “Yeah! They were all, like, super-customized drinks! It was awesome. I kept trying to tip you but you said you weren’t allowed to take tips.”

Me: “Were the drinks good, at least?”

Man: *Laughing* “Yeah! You were so awesome that I remember you from a year ago!”

Me: “Oh, my God! That’s amazing. Thank you so much! That just made my day!”

I was smiling so hard and trying not to tear up because after a rough morning, hearing this guy talk so highly of me really touched me. I hope he knows how much I really appreciated the sentiment. Customers like him are rare, but they are the reason I tolerate customer service jobs.

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Let Me Just Wipe This Surprised Look Off My Face

, , , , , | Working | February 16, 2021

My mother and I were taking a leisurely trip to Arizona as I, twice a year, fly to places I’ve never been to see a concert and then make a long weekend of it and tour the surrounding area. Someone often accompanies me for the adventure, and this time my mum met me at the airport, flying in from a different city.

As we inspected our rental car, I noted that the rear bumper was very loose on the left side and pointed it out to the agent. She shrugged and said it was fine, but I insisted she note it, which she did with a literal huff.

We spent most of our travels on the smaller roads, but there was a stretch where we had to drive on the Interstate. The speed limit was a blistering eighty miles an hour, which was the absolute fastest I, a city girl, was comfortable with, so I hugged the slow lane doing the posted speed, pickups and massive trucks passing me like I was standing still.

As I raced along at eighty miles an hour, I could see the left side of my bumper starting to give at that speed. Suddenly, the left side gave out with a cracking noise and I pulled over to find it hanging by the still-attached right clips, but that was it.

Fortunately, I could see a home improvement store at the exit just back from where we’d stopped. I backed up the fifty meters or so and exited, dragging my bumper with me, and went in to buy a roll of duct tape. I called the rental company asking permission to tape their car, and they were reluctant to give it, asking me to come and exchange the car, but there were no near rental spots, so they acquiesced and I taped that bad boy up.

Returning the car was a bit of an ordeal but I was glad I’d had them note my concern. Over and over, they asked about an accident or crash and I kept saying that it had just fallen off.

They had me fill out an incident report and I wrote, “Noted it looked like bumper would fall off. Bumper fell off,” and handed it back to the agent.

To his credit, he chuckled at the description of the incident and sent my mum and me off to catch our respective flights. I asked for, but never got, reimbursed for my duct tape purchase.