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Washington | Unfiltered | October 27, 2015

(My boss, my manager and I are chatting just after a meeting talking about Casinos)

Boss: I love [local casino] but I always lose.

Manager: That’s why the call it ‘gambling’, you never know what you’re gonna get.

Me: Really? I’ve never lost at [local casino].

Together: Really?

Me: Yeah. I just stick to Blackjack and come out on top even after drinks and tips.

(We finish chatting, part and go on with our days. The next morning my boss walks looking ridiculously happy)

Boss: [me], you’re my lucky charm! I went back to [local casino] and walked out with a thousand bucks!

Me and Manager: Oh my god!

Boss: Come here. I’m going back tonight and I want to rub your head for good luck!

Me: Only if I get half!

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Wisconsin USA | Unfiltered | October 26, 2015

I am in 7th grade and can be rather mischievous.

Teacher: we are going to be watching a movie today in class. (my name) can you turn off the lights?

Me: (turns off lights and sneaks out of the classroom).

I go to my locker and put on a scream mask. Then I go back to my classroom and sit at the back of the room. For a minute or so, no one noticed. Then…

Student 1: Mrs. (Teacher) look at (my name)!!

Teacher: (between chuckles) (my name) take that mask off and go to the principals office.

I talked to the assistant principal. He was trying really hard not to laugh but said it wasn’t appropriate. He also called my mom and said he thought it was the funniest thing he had ever heard of a kid doing.

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USA | Unfiltered | October 26, 2015

(It’s my first day on the job, so I really don’t know my way around the store yet)

Me: Can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I’m looking for this kind of vacuum bags. *hold up wrapper* I bought them here last month.

Me: Sure thing. The vacuums are over in this corner, so let’s go take a look.

Me: Hm, we don’t seem to have any vacuum bags here. But I could probably order them online and have them shipped to the store, if you’d like.

Customer: Okay.

(I go to the website. We don’t seem to sell vacuum bags at all.)

Me: I’m sorry, I’m having trouble locating them. Let me get a lead expert who might know our stock better.

Customer: (huffs) Fine.

Lead: We’ve historically never sold many vacuum bags.

Customer: No! That’s impossible! I bought these here last month! You had them right over by the automotive section!

Lead: We’ve never had an automotive section either.

Customer: I bought these right here last month! You can’t tell me you don’t sell them!

Lead: I’m sorry, but we simply don’t. I bet Sears would have them, though.

Customer: What do you mean? Isn’t this Sears?

Lead: No m’am. This is JCPenney.

Customer: Oh. I thought it was Sears. I bought these at Sears. You all have a nice day!

(We are surrounded by the JCPenney logo. My nametag reads ‘jcpenney’ in place of a name because I’m so new. I had offered to order the bags from ‘jcpenney dot com’.)

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Turkey | Unfiltered | October 26, 2015

My mother was eight months pregnant with my younger sister at the time, and I was about three years old. My family and I were going to Turkey from America for vacation to see our family. We are all Turkish so my mom and my dad were speaking to each other fluently. A well dressed man sits in the aisle seat near us and hears my mother and father speak to each other in Turkish. He makes a face at us, catching my parent’s attention. Then he leans over and asks my mother:

“Are you carrying a bomb in your belly?”

The entire flight, we gave him dirty looks (which was actually very fun considering I was oblivious at the time of what he said) and he just avoided eye contact, sheepishly blushing from embarrassment every time he looked our way. For ten hours straight!

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Ontario, Canada | Unfiltered | October 26, 2015

Nan: When the tube-you videos stop and there’s that spinny thingy in the middle of it and it’s all jerky, what is that, how do I fix it?

Me: Its buffering, you pause it.

Nan: I didnt pause it! It just stops!

Me: No I know, it’s loading, pause it and let it load.

Nan: How do i pause?

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