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That Jeweller Is As Much Of A Gem As Your Ex Isn’t

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CONTENT WARNING: Domestic Abuse, Mention Of Murder


I’m the author of this story, and this one has the same then-boyfriend. There were lies and other bad situations. After one incident, he “apologised” by gifting me a pretty tennis bracelet.

Boyfriend: “It was actually my ex’s, and she returned it to me she didn’t want it anymore when we split up. I’m just regifting it so it’s not wasted. I spent several grand on it as it’s platinum with alternating diamonds and rubies.”

I worked in a jeweller’s and had experience with this.

Me: “You should get your money back; you’ve been scammed. It has the hallmark of 925, meaning it is silver, and rubies are red, not bright pink.”

He yelled at me that 925 was platinum and that I was stupid and whatnot, so I left it. And I also left the bracelet when I finally left him.

For some reason, he decided to give it to me again, and as I didn’t have the energy to deal with his BS, I just took it with the plan to throw it away. I was stopped by my mum, who felt that it would be a waste because it was “pretty”.

A year later, I unearth the bracelet accidentally. I decide to take it to a shop to see if I can sell it. The jeweller there asks if I know what the stones are.

Me: *Dryly* “Well, I was told it was a platinum bracelet with diamonds and rubies.”

Jeweller: *Looking extremely awkward* “I’m really sorry, but it’s unlikely that it is…”

Me: “Oh, yes, the metal has the hallmark of silver, and rubies aren’t pink. I said this to him. He yelled that it was. He yelled that I was stupid and that I didn’t know anything. I worked in a jeweller’s for three years, but I know nothing. I doubt the stones are even cubic zirconia; they have no sparkle. I know it’s worth jack s***. F*** all. Absolutely nothing. Honestly, I want to throw the f****** thing down a drain or smash it up, but apparently, that’s a waste! So, I’m stuck with looking at that pretty thing I’d normally love but I so f****** hate. I hate what it stands for. I don’t want anything but for it to f*** off out of my life.”

The jeweller is staring and I realise how emotional I’ve gotten.

Me: “I’m… sorry about that… and the swearing.”

Jeweller: *Slowly* “My sister was killed by her partner. I’m glad you’re away from him.” *Pauses* “Also, I can give you a choice. You’ll get a voucher for [Expensive Local Coffee Shop], regardless of choice. That’s yours. I can even join you if you want company, even if it’s not to talk or say anything, but you can talk if you need to, as well. Or you can go alone; it’s fine. I won’t be offended. But your choices are… I take the bracelet from you today and gift it to like… a charity for abuse victims. They can choose to sell it to raise money or give it to someone who’d appreciate it and not know its history. Or, you can come round to the back, take my jeweller’s hammer, and smash it. It’s not a waste to do that, as you’ll benefit from it — and that’s not a waste. That’s never a waste.”

I ended up giving it to the jeweller to be gifted on; I don’t really have the personality to break something. And I still chat to the jeweller.

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