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No Need To Hunt; They Already Found Each Other!

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When I was running a lot, I was in several online running clubs. We’d talk about training tips, give race reports, discuss the impressive runners, share motivational tricks, and just yuk it up about running stuff. Cool.

There was a woman in one club who told us about a friend of hers, another runner, who was married to a guy who liked to hunt.

[Husband] decided to take a buddy to his deer-hunting cabin out in the sticks where he spent nearly a week every year. It was an annual thing.

[Buddy] came over the night before they were leaving to help pack all the hunting gear and get ready for an early start in the morning. He was going to sleep on the couch to save time.

As the guys were packing the rifles, camouflage, food, blankets, cooking stuff, and everything else they’d need for several days, they decided to open one of the twelve-packs of beer they were taking on the trip.

[Husband] left detailed instructions for his wife on how to finish packing everything in the camper-covered pickup truck, which was parked beside the garage, backed in so they could just take off in the early dark. 

He also requested that she pack their breakfast and lunch for the long ride to the hunting grounds, make sure the truck was full of gas, and set the alarm for the guys, maybe waking them up if need be.

The guys had fun messing around finishing the beer and got to bed early. They left hours worth of work for [Wife].

She dutifully finished all the tasks, but she added her own touch after packing everything.

The hunters left in the early dark, coffee in hand and breakfast in the cooler. The truck was fully packed, so they drove a bit slower than traffic and stayed in the right lane. They were gonna do the primal thing and bring home some meat!

It went well, but the guys noticed that a lot of people were tapping their horns as they passed while it was still dark. After the sun came up, even more honks were heard as people passed. 

They’d just smile and wave at the cars as they went by, but they were kind of getting tired of being honked at all times. 

Three hours into the trip, well into the morning light and after hearing several dozen horns, they stopped at a gas station to refuel, stretch their legs, and maybe get some fresh coffee.

As [Husband] walked around the truck to head into the store, he saw something on the back window, written in big letters with bright white shoe polish.

“Just Married!”

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