Missed Calls Means Missed Meals

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(I am a delivery driver for a restaurant.)

Me: *calling customer but no response* “Hi, this is [My Name] with [Restaurant]. I am having difficulty finding your house, so if you could call me back, that’d be great. Thanks.”

(An hour goes by, and I call my manager because the customer won’t pick up his phone. Now my manager and I are both calling.)

Manager: *finally gets through* “Hi, my driver is having difficulty finding your location.”

Customer: “Yeah, I see the thirty missed calls and two voicemails. We’re supposed to be eating now; why aren’t they here yet?”

Manager: “I’m sorry. The driver had a difficult time finding your address.”

Dropped That Sale

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(I have just had a meeting at a coffeehouse inside a mall. I am walking back towards the entrance and am passing a phone accessory kiosk when the following happens.)

Kiosk Employee: *calling out* “Excuse me, miss?”

(I keep walking, assuming it’s a sales pitch. He calls after me again.)

Kiosk Employee: “Miss, you dropped something!”

(This is plausible, as I am rather clumsy and scatterbrained at times, so I stop.)

Me: “Thank you! What did I drop?”

Kiosk Employee: “Well, you didn’t actually drop anything just now, but if you had dropped your phone, wouldn’t you want a good case to protect it?”

Me: “Even if I didn’t already have one, I certainly wouldn’t be buying from you after that stunt!”

Show Me The Money!

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(I work customer service where we do a number of things including wiring money. As people like to use this to get free cash, we are told to hang up if someone calls claiming to be from the company.)

Me: *answering phone* “Thank you for calling [Store]. How can I help you?”

Scammer: “Yes, this is [Name] from [Company]. I need you to enter a transfer to see if your new security upgrade went through.”

Me: “Oh, you need me to make sure the system is secure by sending someone money when no one is here to give me money to validate the transaction.”

Scammer: “Yes, that is correct.”

Me: “Yeeeaaah, that’s not gonna happen.” *click*

(The sad part is some people actually follow through with these and complete the transaction.)

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(I am a paralegal, and one of my jobs is to answer the new client call-in line for my department. This happens at least once per intake session.)

Me: Hello, you’ve reached the [Department] intake line, this is [My Name], how can I help you?

Client: Is this [Department]?


Client: And who am I speaking to?

Me: (sighs internally)

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This woman pulls up to the drive through pharmacy and says there is a prescription ready for her. I look up her name and when I find nothing, I then verify her address and date of birth to see if it has been filled at a different location. There is nothing.
Me: “Sorry ma’am, I do not currently see anything ready for you. What were you expecting?”
Woman: “Well, I got a text message saying that I have something ready.”
Me: “I understand that ma’am, however as I don’t see anything in the system it may have been sent in error. We do not have control over the automated system unfortunately so this happens every now and then.”
Woman: “Well I got a text message so I have a prescription here!”
Me: “Ma’am, I currently do not see anything that is ready at any location.”
Woman: (snarling) “Then WHY would I get a text message?! It HAS to mean I have something ready. I’ll even show you!”
Me: “Alright, I’ll gladly take a look at the message for you.”
She thrusts her phone into the drawer we use to hand out prescriptions through the drive-through and looks smug as I pull it back in to look.
Me: “Ma’am, it reads “Prescription due for refill. Reply “REFILL” to submit request.” I do not see your reply.”
Her demeanor changes all of a sudden like she wasn’t just snapping at me. I return her phone.
Woman: “Oh, well, it must happen all the time! (*laughs*) Can I get a refill?”
She didn’t have any refills left on her prescription anyway.

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