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21 Of The Best Stories From Not Always Right – October 2020 Roundup!

| Right | November 7, 2020

It’s time for the October roundup! Our editors have decided among themselves which stories in October deserve the extra attention, regardless of the number of thumbs-ups they received. Out of all the stories we posted in the month, we’ve singled out twenty-one! We’ve also made it easier for you to navigate the stories – each one will link to the next!

If there are any stories from the last month you feel we should have included, please let us know in the comments!

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite stories in the poll below! Note: You can choose up to three. Last month’s winner was  This Story Starts At A Ten And Gets Better from the Right category!


This Driver’s No Dinosaur – I miss the days when people cared what my favorite dinosaur was.

Dealing With These Monsters Requires A Sprite Touch – That sounds so satisfying! …until she comes back to complain about it.

The Master Of “Work Smarter, Not Harder” – Thanks, we’ll take twelve.

Unloading Some Beautiful Malicious Compliance – I would not be able to contain my gleeful giggles if I was that manager.

Secondhand Cold Cuts – Ahhh, there’s so much to unpack here. Maybe when we’re done gagging.

An Exchange Not Fit For Mother – Hits from the comments: “Is that… a manager with a spine? Quick! Clone him before it’s too late!”

Me Too Has Been Needed For Decades – “Boys will be boys” until their gross butts get fired.

Aw, They’re Just Gals Being Pals – They could also have been sisters, or cousins, or coworkers, or partners in crime, or…

Orange You Glad You Got Out Of That One? – They should hire Yikes, Ope, And Oof, Attorneys At Law.

That Came Back To Bite Him In The Butt – Honestly, should they even be allowed to sell toilet paper that’s that bad?

Absolutely Trucking Mad, Part 4 – Someone didn’t read the contract, methinks.

Thanks So Much For The Catch-22 – Fair warning: this story is infuriating. But the ending is oh-so-satisfying!

Spoiler: The Scammer Isn’t Who You Think It Is – Hits from the comments: “Justice is blind, and it’s curtains for the coworker!”

It’s Time For A New Time Policy – I’m paying for this class and you lock me out? I’m throwing an entire fit.

Take Away The Kar(ma) – It really would have been easier to just move the car the first time, buddy.

Laziness Will Send Your Career Down The Toilet – That attendant is acting super sus.

It’s An Acme Miracle – Even if you’re recycling a joke, it’s all about the timing.

If You Love Them, Let Them Go! – Sounds like someone was taking advantage of that employee. Yuck.

His Bark Is Worse Than His Dog’s Bite – I would not be comfortable leaving my car near that person.

NO DISCIPLINARY FOR YOU – Someone in this story needs a disciplinary, that’s for sure.

Making A Clean Getaway – You’re going to need popcorn and nachos for this one.


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