Laziness Will Send Your Career Down The Toilet

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I am a customer at a discount department store. When I get out of my car, I see a bag of clothing in one of the carts in the cart return. I grab the bag and see that it’s full of children’s clothing. I grab it and take it inside to the customer service desk.

Attendant: “Hi! Do you have a return?”

Me: “No, I found this outside in a cart.”

Attendant: *Interrupting* “I guess someone decided they didn’t want it.”

She grabs the bag and starts pulling things out.

Me: “No, they obviously paid for it. There’s a receipt.”

The attendant starts putting things in the go-back bins

Me: “I need to talk to your manager.”

She seems annoyed but she calls the manager. I explain the situation and she completely understands. She reprimands the attendant and pulls merchandise out of the bins and rebags it. She assures me that it will be waiting if the customer comes back.

When I finish my shopping and go back to the car, I see a young woman frantically searching in the cart return.

Me: “Did you happen to lose a bag of kid’s clothes?”

Woman: “Yes! Did you find it?”

Me: “Yes, it’s at customer service.”

Woman: “Thank you so much.”

She heads into the store. I suddenly get a bad feeling and decide to follow her. The same attendant is at the desk.

Attendant: “No, I don’t have any lost shopping.”

Woman: “But a lady said she found it and turned it in.”

Attendant: “Noooooo.”

Me: “Manager. Again. Now.”

She rolls her eyes but pages the manager.

Attendant: “This lady needs you again.”

I explain to the manager that this woman is looking for the bag and that the attendant says there isn’t one. The manager turns around, grabs the bag off the counter, and has the woman check it. Her items are all there and she leaves after thanking me and the manager. As I’m leaving, I hear the manager.

Manager: “I’m calling someone else to cover the desk. You go ahead and start cleaning the bathrooms.”

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