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That Came Back To Bite Him In The Butt

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When everything starts going wrong with the health crisis and all the idiots are panic-buying everything their greedy little hands can get hold of, the rest of us have issues getting the essentials just to last the month.

I have been buying in bulk for a while before this happens, so luckily, we have some general supplies to last us, but even those are starting to disappear and I am getting worried.

With four of us in the family, certain essentials such as toilet paper are running out.

I ask at work if anyone knows of anywhere that still has some.

Coworker: “I bought loads a few weeks ago, still have over a hundred at home. Maybe try [Discount Place]?”

Me: “Yeah, I checked. They ran out.”

Coworker: “Oh, unlucky. It was really cheap at the time, too.”

I hoped he would share his; I would happily have paid. He knew I had small children and I knew it was just him and his wife at home.

But no, even with some of the other guys giving him a hard time about stockpiling — and many other things as well — his attitude was “tough luck, as long as I’m okay.”

I did manage to find some in the end and we managed to get through the worst of the shortages.

Months later, the same coworker messaged me. It turns out they only recently STARTED to use the rolls he bought. As soon as they did, his wife refused to use them at all because they were the hard single-ply you used to get in schools.

He tried and tried to sell them to me, first because of how I was “his friend,” then because of how much he “knew I was struggling,” and then because my kids “wouldn’t care if it was a bit thin.”

I thanked him for the offer, but I had things sorted. In fact, I had the OPPOSITE problem; I had to buy such luxury paper that I couldn’t even fit it in my holder. And I told him that no, I wasn’t going to swap, but he should try [Shop] as I’d gotten a great deal.

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