Absolutely Trucking Mad, Part 4

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I have a side hustle on my days off. My job in an oilfield has a rotational schedule where I work two weeks then get two weeks off. I make plenty of money at my job, but it doesn’t hurt to make a little extra cash.  

I am, in essence, a tour guide for the region I live in. I don’t have any planned tours but usually, just take people to see neat places that they would not know about or think to go to.

I am adamant about getting paid upfront. Customers sign an agreement that guarantees to protect my truck from messes or damage. So far I have never had any issues, fortunately, and people always enjoyed the places I showed them.

Except for one family. 

They seem friendly enough when they sign the contract and I collect my fee. Once money changed hands with this family, the attitude changes; they begin treating me like I am a second-class citizen.

I drive the around to some of the most beautiful scenery you can find. It’s rare people are left speechless by these places and never have I seen someone not be impressed. Until now. Every place I show them just seems to disappoint them. I can’t deny I am a little offended by their indifference, but whatever, I have my money.

When I get back to town and drop them off at their hotel, it gets interesting.

Customer: “You can just park in the back and leave the keys at the desk. Tell them they are for the Smith family.”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Customer: “This truck, just park it in the back. We might use it later.”

Me: “This is my truck. I’m not leaving it here, that’s not part of the deal”

Customer: “Oh please, there is no way you can own a vehicle like this. It obviously belongs to your company.”

Me: “I do this job self-employed, on my days off from my regular job. I assure you, this is my truck. I can show you my name on the title.”

Customer: “Young man, if you don’t do as your told I will be forced to call your boss.”

I am thirty.

Me: “You mean me? I am my boss.”

Customer: “Okay, smart a**, get your boss on the phone, right now!” 

I think about just driving off but then have a better idea. I call my supervisor at my real job. He’s been in the oilfield for fourteen years and could be quite the cusser. He knows what I do on my days off and even sends people my way a sometimes. He answers and I just say:

Me: “One of my clients is demanding to speak with my boss, so here she is.”

I hand her my phone.

Customer: *sounding smug* “I tried to tell your driver to leave the truck here so we could use it but he lied and said he owns it—”

I can hear him yelling.

Boss: “ARE YOU F****** STUPID?”

I don’t discern anything else but I know he gives her a good thrashing. She just walks to the window, and hands me my phone.

Customer: “He wants to talk to you.”

She then walks away.

Boss: “That fix your problem?”

Me: “Yeah, thanks [His Name].”

Boss: “Anytime brother.”

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