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It’s Time For A New Time Policy

, , , , , , | Learning | CREDIT: Khromez | October 14, 2020

The university I teach at isn’t particularly strict on attendance; it’s up to the teacher to control how they want attendance to affect their class. This one professor decided to be incredibly strict about it and the students hated him for it.

He would physically lock the door once five minutes passed, and would not open it again for any reason whatsoever. If you were five minutes late, you lost that lesson. Some students started sitting on the hallway and talking notes while looking through the glass doors when that was an option.

One day I arrived to teach my lesson and all the students are acting strange.

Me: “What’s so funny? Why is everyone so giggly and happy?”

Student #1: “[Professor] arrived five minutes late to his class today. We locked him out of the classroom.”

Student #2: “For an entire hour.”

I suspect he was too embarrassed to ask for a key and in the process having to admit why he was locked out.

He never locked the doors again.

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