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Take Away The Kar(ma)

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I am an assistant manager for a large pizza chain. I usually get the closing shift, which means that I frequently get home at around two or three in the morning. One of the big selling points of the apartment I rent is that each apartment gets one reserved space in the parking lot. If you have two cars or have visitors, there is an overflow lot off to the side. My assigned space is about ten feet from my door and right under the light. Each space is labeled with the apartment number it’s for.

One morning I come home to find someone in MY parking space. The overflow lot is full, so I have to park on the street, which is quite a walk, and in little light.

I call the police, who have jurisdiction in the lot as per the large sign posted at the entrance. They come out and ticket the offending car.

At about noon, I come out to go shopping and the car is still there, but the ticket has been removed. So I call the police again, and again, they ticket his car.

Three hours later when I got home, it’s STILL there, and again, the ticket is gone. I am getting really angry, so I call the police again.

This time, the cop stays by the car as he had called a tow truck to take the car to the impound lot. A few minutes later, this big guy (who it turned out lived in the building across the lot from mine) comes pounding on my door demanding to know why I kept calling the police.

I tell him that he should have moved it after the first ticket and nothing more would have happened. Because he hadn’t moved it before, the police won’t let him move it before the tow truck arrives, so he has to watch his car go bye-bye and has to pay four tickets (each one more expensive than the last), the fee for the tow, AND the impound fee.

I guess word spread because nobody EVER parked in my space again.

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