An Exchange Not Fit For Mother

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Mother’s Day is our busiest day of the year. A customer calls the evening before:

Caller: “I want a table for eight.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but that is Mother’s Day and we’re fully booked.”

Caller: “No, you don’t understand. I want a table for eight tomorrow. Make it happen.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but we have no availability. That is impossible.”

Caller: “Are you stupid!? Get me a table or get me a manager!”

Me: “I am intelligent enough to know that we do not have any tables available at all tomorrow, sir.”

Caller: “Manager! Now!”

At first, I don’t want to pass the phone over as my manager isn’t the friendliest guy to work with and he’s very busy in the middle of our dinner shift. He notices I am still on this phone call though, so he comes up.

Manager: “Why have you been on the phone for so long?”

I’m like “f*** it, this customer isn’t going to listen to me anyway” and gave the phone to my manager.

Manager: “How can I help?”

He listens for about fifteen seconds.

Manager: “So you’re tying up my hostess in the middle of dinner even though she’s already told you nicely that we can’t fit you and your god-d*** family in the night before our busiest day of the year? F*** you buddy!”

And he hung up the phone!

Tell your tale for us! Have you been able to tell a customer off? The NAR community would love to read it! Submit your story and help us to bask in the karma!

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