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15 True Stories About Why Millennials Are The Absolute Worst

| Right | March 15, 2021

Dear readers,

In case it will not become abundantly clear, the title for this roundup is sarcastic. Millennials are awesome, and they’re doing their best considering the cards they’ve been dealt in the generational lottery. Sadly, that doesn’t mean other generations recognize how hard most seem to be working, especially within the service industry.

We’ve rounded up fifteen stories from our archives about other generations who seem to think Millennials are the absolute worst; from lazy entitled brats to liberal snowflakes who are obsessed with avocados, they’re all here. To all Millennials reading this, find some time between your second and third jobs and take some time to read in solidarity with your peers!


Millennials Are Ruining Petroleum! – We’re not over-inflating the issue!

The Generation Blame – I’m rarely speechless, but… akfhahdga!

It’s A Manner-ial Thing – Wait… what are Millenials being blamed for now?

Has A Masters In Millennial Problems – Remember when having a degree really meant something?

Millennial Problems Don’t Have Legs To Stand On – I hope someone in a wheelchair runs over all of her toes.

You Darn Millennials And Your Historically-Varied Taste In Music! – If you haven’t heard this piece, look it up! Go! Now!

In For More Than A Penny – Hits from the comments: “People who use ‘Millennial’ as an insult are among the worst types of people. This story shows why.”

Shockingly Desperate To Get Internet – Ah, yes, it’s very “politically correct” to insist you don’t get yourself killed.

Next Time, Use Carrier Pigeons – Maybe next time, I’ll just tell you to figure it out yourself, then!

Not Rushing To Fall Into His Class – Why would you insist on being helped by the person who already said they’re not most qualified to do so?!

The Crutch Of The Matter – How dare you take care of your body?!

Millennials Will Make The Coolest Grandparents – You’re never too old to geek out!

Going To Sue You For The Whole Penny You’ve Got! – Hits from the comments: “Since when are Millennials known for having lots of money to sue from?”

Please Show Them Out Via The Nearest Brexit – Our staff voted, and we’ve all agreed that this lady is a jerk.

Millennials Couldn’t Afford To Run The Site AND Buy Toast – My best friend sliced her hand open trying to cut an avocado once. Millenial fail!



We hope you enjoyed this Millennial-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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