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Contract Killer

, , , | Right | March 15, 2021

I work for a call centre that represents a TV and broadband company. A customer who has been with us for twenty years comes through and asks for a bill reduction.

Me: “It does look like you are out of contract, sir, so what we can do for you is—”

Customer: “OUT OF CONTRACT? I’ve been in contract for twenty years.”

Me: “Sir, unfortunately, our contracts are only eighteen months long; your contract ran out nineteen years ago.”

Customer: “So, you are telling me I’ve been paying [amount] for nothing? I’ve been overcharged!”

Me: “No, sir, I am sorry, it’s just a case of you paying full price out of contract rather than with discounts while in contract.”

Customer: “F*** off, so you didn’t call me and just stole from my account.”

Me: “Unfortunately, because of our high customer basis, we can’t contact each individual customer.”

Customer: “Then I want a refund of £20,000!”

Dying inside, I escalated the call to a supervisor and he got a much worse deal, paying more than what I would have offered him.

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