The Generation Blame

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(I work at a grocery store, and at least once a week I get a special customer that makes me doubt my faith in humanity. I have cerebral palsy. This special customer sets her items in front of my register.)

Customer: “Young lady, what are you doing sitting on the job?”

Me: “I’m in a wheelchair.”

Customer: “Why? Were you texting behind the wheel or something?”

Me: “I—”

Customer: “Don’t give me that crap. I know how your generation is. My son’s in prison, and I guess people these days don’t know how to raise kids.”

(The customer rants some more about how millennials don’t take responsibility for their actions and how her son is a good boy.)

Me: “I have cerebral palsy.”

Customer: “Get those hand brace things or whatever that kid uses on [Popular TV Show about a cancer patient who decides to found a drug empire]. Why do you need a wheelchair?”

Me: “Why do you need all that junk food?”

(The special customer stormed out of the store.)

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