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Please Show Them Out Via The Nearest Brexit

, , , | Right | January 2, 2018

(This happens shortly after the EU Referendum in the UK:)

Customer: “Could I have the non-European menu, please?”

Me: “The non-European menu?”

Customer: “Yes. The menu you give to non-Europeans.”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have a menu like that.”

Customer: “Well, you should. We won’t be in Europe anymore in two years. Get on it!”

Me: “Well, the UK will still be in Europe; it just won’t be part of the EU.”

Customer: *laughs with her friend* “Oh, you poor millennial. No wonder you all voted to stay. You’re as thick as two short planks, I swear.”

Me: “Actually I couldn’t vote.”

Customer: “Why ever not?”

Me: “I’m Norwegian.”

(I’ve never seen someone get up and leave as quickly as she did. She screamed about how the restaurant was “for the dogs,” and that we’d all be deported. Her friend stayed behind, continuing to laugh.)

Friend: “Thanks for that. She’s been getting on my nerves for weeks. I needed a good laugh!”

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