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23 Reasons Why You Need To Eat A Chocolate Chip Cookie Today!

| Right | May 15, 2020

Today is national chocolate chip day! Honestly, we’re not making these up ask the cookie monster!

It all started in the Toll House Inn, in Whitman, Massachusetts. Around 1938, Ruth Graves Wakefield was planning to make a chocolate cookie and thought she could achieve this by chucking in chunks of a chocolate bar. Happily for history, the chocolate did not melt and mix with the cookie mix, but stubbornly held together, clumping together in little bits. Today we call these bits chocolate chips!

Because it’s the day to celebrate all things chocolate chip, we’ve munched our way through the archives to find 23 delicious stories to nibble on to last the day. Whether it’s a badly-behaved customer demanding free cookies or some passive-aggressive monster that threw a single raisin into the chocolate cookie mix, we hope you enjoy!

Arguing To The Bitter End – See what happens when Karen demands four dozen free cookies!

My Boss, The Cookie Monster – As if managers aren’t entitled enough, see what happens when cookies are brought into the office!

Head Freeze For Other Reasons – Chocolate math is now a thing. Normal people need not apply.

Classic Banking Withdrawal Symptoms – Why you need to have cookies in the bank!

Managers Cause A Latte Problems – When the boss thinks they know everything but resent it when you actually do.

Not A Very Smart Cookie – If someone can’t tell the difference between peanut butter and chocolate, did they even have a childhood?

Lucky Crumbly Guess – Eating chocolate chips makes you psychic.

The Only Raisin She Baked Them – The scariest horror story you will read this year.

Living On The Edge Of Anaphylactic Shock – Join us in wondering how this person is still alive.

Kookie Cookie Karma – The title says it all. Cookies, karma, and irony!

Chocolate Chip Slip – We’ll let you decide if this is the best or the worst flavor shake ever created.

Gluten-Free Is Not A Cure For Gluttony – When they think that gluten-free means fat-free chocolate!

An Abundance Of Nuttiness, Part 3 – It’s sweet when you outsmart the customer that thought they outsmarted you!

Somebody’s Got A Chip On Their Shoulder – When you love chocolate so much it’s practically coming out of you.

Should Have Gone For Tutti Fruits Of The Holy Spirit – Jesus knew about chocolate chips because, come on, they have to have them in Heaven!

Nuts About A Lack Of Nuts – Warning: This story might make you cry in frustration.

Waiting For The Muffin (Little) Man – Meet George. George likes muffins, and we like George.

About To Go Bananas Over The Chocolate – Never underestimate the creative ways you can include chocolate in a meal.

Man’s Best Friend Is Grandma’s Worst Enemy – This woman is evil, and we think you will agree.

Putting The Selfish Into Selfie – Selfie psycho strikes again!

What A Sweet Old Bag – We really, really, really, hope this guy is joking.

Made A Sweet Chocolate Covenant – We personally think this drink sounds amazing, but we’ll leave it to you to decide.

This Cookie Crumbled Quite Nicely, Part 2 – Cookies are a girl’s best friend.

And finally, a bonus story that doesn’t have any chocolate chips, much to the chagrin of this pothead!

The Cookies Aren’t The Only Things That Are Baked

Have a story you think we should have included? Let us know in the comments! Got your own story to share? Send it to us here!

Stay safe, and have a cookie!

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