It’s A Manner-ial Thing

, , , , | Right | September 8, 2017

(Our second to last customer approaches my register and starts placing items on the counter. The customer is an older woman with a younger girl in tow, either her daughter or granddaughter.)

Me: “Hi! Is that all for you today?”

(I have a tendency to talk a bit fast, and I ask this as the customers are putting up their items.)

Customer: *sigh* “Must be a Millennial thing.”

Me: *utterly confused* “I’m sorry? What’s a Millennial thing?”

Customer: “Oh, don’t get me started, honey.”

(I guess manners are a “Millennial thing,” too, these days.)

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  • Lord Circe

    Hmm, I can’t remember, was it these sites that had the one 21-year-old that tried to rag on Millennials while denying that he actually was one?

    • Karen Steimle

      It was this site, but the guy was born in ’88 or ’89. He hated millennials so much (even though he was one) that he called himself a baby boomer because he identified with them more.

  • Phil Adler

    aka “kids these days”