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12 Festive Stories About Boxing Day!

| Right | December 26, 2020

Dear readers,

To our readers in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and any other country that recognizes the day after Christmas Day as a holiday, we wish you a happy Boxing Day!

Traditionally celebrated on December 26th, the name can be traced back to many possible origins; from an Alms Box placed outside churches to deposit donations to the poor, to references to gift boxes being provided for servants. The point is, it involves more gifts and extending festivities, and that’s all right with us!

Today in many of those countries, especially in the UK, it’s seen as more of a shopping day, with sales and bargains to be found to buy yet more things a day after gifts have been given across the land. Think of it as their version of Black Friday but with less murder.

We’ve rounded up twelve stories about Boxing Day for all of you to extend the holiday spirit one more day, regardless of what country you’re in!


Thinking Outside The Boxing Day – This year, Christmas tunes are valid every day!

Milking The Holidays For All Their Worth – How about we just let people have holidays? Hm?

Questions Make The World Go Round – They lasted many more “whys” than I would have.

Should Have Framed It Differently – C O M M U N I C A T I O N !

You Haven’t Been A Ham – Someone’s holiday vacation was not long enough.

Saving It For Boxing Day – The age-old tale of good things coming in small packages…

Woman Number One – Maybe [Woman #1] needed to pee so badly she couldn’t dance?

A Roster Not Fit For Public (Holiday) Consumption – Instant Karma is even sweeter on holidays!

Tramping Through The Mud – At least this didn’t turn into a Home Alone situation.

As If January Isn’t Already Depressing Enough – So… what did this customer want, exactly?

For Christmas, I Would Like A Time Machine – At least this customer figured it out in the end!

These Customers Come But Once A Year – This one is so satisfying.


We hope you enjoyed this Boxing-Day-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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