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Woman Number One

, | Friendly | January 19, 2017

(It’s boxing day, so the shopping centre is PACKED. I’m with my five-year-old sister and our mother. Our mum is next in line to try on clothing when my sister tells me she needs to go to the toilet. I take her while our mum is in the changing room. We get to the restrooms, and the line is about five women long, so not too bad, but annoying when you’ve got a young child who’s basically dancing because they need to pee. The other women in line see her dancing, which prompts this. The numbers I’ve assigned to the women represent their place in line, one being the front, five being the back.)

Woman #5: “Excuse me, how old is she?” *she gestures to my sister*

Me: “She’s five.”

Woman #5: *speaking to the women in front of her* “Can we let this little girl go before us?”

Woman #2, #3, and #4: “Of course! Look at her, she’s dancing!”

Woman #1: “No. They got here after us, they’ll have to wait.”

(One of the stalls opened, and Woman #1 ran into the stall before my sister could get a chance. My sister started to tear up because she didn’t want to wet herself. Luckily, a second stall opened up and I rushed inside with my sister to help her undo her shorts quickly. We walked out at the same time as Woman #1, who glared at us, washed her hands, and walked out of the bathroom. I understand needing to go to the toilet, but a young child who is jumping up and down because they need to go so badly should probably take priority over an adult. I may just be biased in the situation, but it’s still not right.)

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