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Questions Make The World Go Round

| Related | June 4, 2014

(Every year we have a huge family reunion on Boxing Day. The following exchange happens at 7:30 pm between me and my four-year-old cousin.)

Me: “[Cousin], your Mom said it’s time to put on your jacket and say bye-bye.”

Cousin: “But why I say bye-bye?”

Me: “Because you must go home.”

Cousin: “But why I must go home?”

Me: “Because it’s late and everybody’s getting tired.”

Cousin: “But why it’s late?”

Me: “Because the sun has gone down and it’s dark outside.”

Cousin: “But why it is dark?”

Me: “Because the rotational movement of the Earth has apparently brought the Sun below the horizon in our longitude.”

Cousin: “Ah… okay.”

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