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Unable To Provide Console-ing Advice, Part 2

, , , , | Right | December 26, 2020

On Boxing Day, I have the unfortunate task of opening the store with my associates. Usually, we are open at 8:00 am on weekdays, but as it’s Boxing Day, Sunday trading hours are implemented. Upon opening, I am approached with this situation.

Customer: “Thanks for ruining my son’s Christmas Day. Sort this f****** controller out now.”

He then just throws an Xbox One controller on the counter.

Me: “Sorry, sir, what seems to be the issue? I’m sorry if there is a fault with the controller; we can sort this out quick, no problem.”

Customer: “Yeah, you will sort it, else I’m going to kick right off!”

I’m a bit annoyed with his aggressive behaviour but tolerate it.

Me: “So, what is the actual problem?”

Customer: “It doesn’t bloody work! My lad has been waiting for ages to play on his new console and when he gets it, that thing you sold with it is crap and won’t work.” 

As I pick up the controller, I feel it’s rather lighter than usual.

Me: “Sir, did you put the batteries in the controller?”

Customer: “What? These things need batteries, too?”

Me: “Yes, they are included with the console you purchased.” 

I put some spare batteries we have into the controller and wow, it works!  

Me: “Just one of those things, sir. Have a good Boxing Day! I hope your son enjoys his new console.”  

Customer: “Well, I’ve had to come all the way in here to sort this; I want some form of credit for my time, now.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, as you’ve seen, the product is not faulty. I have sorted the issue and that is the best I can do.”

Customer: “You’re s***!”

He stormed out. That actually made my Christmas!

Unable To Provide Console-ing Advice