As If January Isn’t Already Depressing Enough

, , | Right | January 10, 2019

(Everyone I know complains that as soon as Christmas is over all of the supermarkets stock up on Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns. They are literally in the shops on Boxing Day. The companies say it’s what the consumer wants, but I’ve yet to meet anyone who rushes out on Boxing Day to buy Easter supplies. But today takes the cake. It’s now January 10th. I am in a gift shop that sells cards when a man rushes in.)

Customer: *to retailer* “Do you have Easter cards?”

Retailer: “No, not yet.”

Customer: “Are you sure? Are you sure? The supermarket has Easter eggs.”

Retailer: “Yes, but you can look if you want. You might find something you can use, but it’s a bit early.”

Customer: “But the supermarket has Easter things; it’s too early.”

Retailer: “Yes, I know; it’s too early.”

Customer: “Are you sure you don’t have Easter Cards?”

Retailer: “Yes, it’s way too early.”

Customer: “I know it’s too early.”

(I had to leave before I started laughing.)

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