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Saving It For Boxing Day

, | Related | December 27, 2016

(When I was 14 and my sister was 12, my family had a tradition of the 12 days of Christmas. My sister and I got to open a present every day in the days leading up to Christmas day. These presents were always basically stocking stuffers but we loved them anyway.)

Dad: “Okay, this year we’re doing something different. I didn’t label any of these, so you two get to choose each day which ones you want to open.”

(My sister grabbed the one closest to her while I grabbed the largest box in the pile.)

Dad: “Okay. Ready set go!”

Sister & Me: *rips off the wrapping paper*

Sister: “Awesome!” *holds up a slinky* “It’s been ages since I played with one of these!”

Me: *holds up my present* “Dad put a pack of gum in a giant box.”

Dad: “Maybe next time you won’t go straight for the biggest box.”

(A lesson I still remember a decade later. And yes, I enjoyed the gum.)

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