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Me: Hi, I was wondering if you could help me with a slightly challenging problem.

TechSupport (TS): We love those! What is it?

Me: Can we call out from the video conference system so that a phone-only user doesn’t have to call in?

TS: That’s actually simple, make a three way call between you, the caller, and the conference system…

Me: And then drop out of the call and they’ll be left in the conference! I love you! (I swear I meant to say “I love it!” as in the solution.) …I mean in a professional

way, that is. Thank you.

TS: No problem, I understand, you have a good day.

(Bonus Story: I also told someone that they definitely had Acrobat installed and just needed to change the default program for their pdfs. They called in the next day, I connected to their computer and sure enough Acrobat wasn’t installed.)

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(I’m a teen girl, and have recently moved to the basement. I’m terribly afraid of roaches and there are a lot in the basement.)

Mom: “You’ll have to keep your room spic and span or the roaches will come at night and crawl all over you!”

Me: *shivering* “Mom!”

Mom: *evil laugh*

(I kept the room as clean as possible but they still came. At least I’m not as afraid anymore!)

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I don’t bake very often, i find having to buy fresh ingredients costly and have so little time in which to do so. However it;s my wife’s birthday and i agree to make some cakes for her to take to work, i go to pick her up after she’s finished work.

Wife’s coworker: Nice cakes (my name)

Me: Thanks!

Wife’s coworker 2: that flapjack was amazing, you need to give me the recipe.

Me: No problem, i will give it to (wife) tonight.

Wife’s coworker 3: Shame about the flapjack.

Me: Huh what?

Wife’s coworker 3: I don’t eat nuts.

Me: Well sorry but i didn’t have time to make several cakes, plus it’s (wife) birthday and she loves it.

Wife’s coworker 2: It didn’t even have whole nuts in, your not even allergic.

Wife’s coworker 3: Well i didn’t care for it.

(I decide to let it go and let my wife know I am here. On the way home.)

Wife: Everyone loved your cakes.

Me: Well apart from (coworker 3),

Wife: Is that what she said? After you left she was trying to hide the leftovers in her bag.

Me: What about the flapjack?

Wife: She had like three pieces!

(It turns out that the coworker was new and didn’t get along with anyone, later that year the company paid for a Christmas meal, which of course she complained the whole way through. After failing to make any friends, she quit a few months later.)

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(I was wiping down the counter after a long day of dealing with rude and stupid customers when all of a sudden a large man in a green hoodie approaches me)


Me: Yes sir? (Thinking he is going to yell at me)

Man: (smiles) i just wanted to complement how lovely the decor is here and how nice and beautiful the employees are. Anyway have a nice day!!!

(That guy made my day and I don’t even know who he is!!!)

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(This happens during second grade at third period. Keep in mind that I was a very well-behaved kid during the year in second grade. I hadn’t committed a single misdeed.)

Teacher: ” Excuse me (My Name) please visit me in the hallway.”

When the teacher calls you into the hallway, it’s most likely because you did something wrong. But, I however, had no clue what I had done wrong. I was pretty sure I hadn’t gotten into any sort of trouble during the three periods. I follow the teacher into the hallway anyways.

Teacher looks at me with a very furious expression.

Teacher:” Explain to me why you did such a terrible thing!!!”

I am in utter shock for I know I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just started to cry and stutter.

Me: I don’t….don’t know what you are talking about miss…”

Teacher:” Don’t lie to me (My Name)!!!”


Teacher: “I will not tolerate for such behavior!!! This is your only and last chance, don’t ever do this again.”

I just nodded and went back to class.

(To this day, I have no idea what she was talking about. I assume a student had lied about me.)