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(I volunteer at the aquarium, and we have several different stations. One of them is a touch pool with several animals including horseshoe crabs in it. One of my first times at that station, I see a visitor trying to get his daughter who was no more than ten years old to touch the horseshoe crab.)

Visitor: “Why don’t we pet the horseshoe crab?”

Visitor’s Daughter: “No, it’s scary!”

(This sort of exchange goes back and forth for a few minutes until I hear this part:)

Visitor: “How about I touch it first?” *pets horseshoe crab* “See it didn’t hurt me. Don’t you trust me?”

Visitor’s Daughter: “No, I don’t!”

(The visitor gave up after that.)

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(I do over the phone tech support for internet and cable issues.  A customer has called in because he’s painted his room, and hooked his tv back up to the cable box, but it isn’t working.)

Me: “Sir, just to verify, when you hooked your box back up you have the screw in coaxial cable coming from the wall to ‘Cable IN’ on the cable box, correct?”

Customer: “Let me double check.” [a few seconds later] “Correct.”

Me: “Ok, and how do you have the box hooked to the tv, the coaxial cable from cable out, the 5 different colored component cables, or an HDMI cord?”

Customer: “Let me check.
[a few seconds later] “It says 1WCH.”

Me: *trying not to chuckle.* “Sir, I think that’s upside down.”

Customer: “Huh…it won’t go in the other way.”

Me: *Trying desperately not to laugh at this point* “uh…sir, what I mean to say is that I think you’re reading it upside down.”

Customer: “huh? OH!” *customer chuckles.*

(This customer made my night.)

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caller:  Hi, I have a question…
me: yes, can I help you.
caller:  Can you tell me what the weather will be in two weeks when we plan to be there?
me:  (thinking-SERIOUSLY?)….
me: “well, the weather is very unpredictable. – we can start of the day with sun and if the weather blows in a thunderstorm, we’ll probably have rain.
caller:  “Oh… can you be more precise than that?”
me:  I recommend you just watch the weather reports on tv and possibly visit a weather website online and check daily for our zip code, which (zipcode)….
caller:  “okay… thank you”
me: (thinking to myself…SERIOUSLY ?!!!)
ME:  You have a great day!..bye bye…

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Our doctor’s office has three doctors, one of whom has just moved to this building from another clinic. The clinic used to be a bank, and has doors that open on to the street, but because there is a step and a bus stop directly in front, we have those doors locked and a sign indicating patients to use the back door, so that there is wheelchair access.
One of the patients from the doctor’s old clinic arrives for the first time at the new clinic and approaches the desk. She is rather upset.
I am sitting next to my co-worker, who is this doctor’s receptionist and I witness the following;
Patient: “Why is the front door locked? I tried and tried and I couldn’t get in! Why do you use the back door? That makes no sense!”
Receptionist: “I’m sorry you were confused, there is a sign there, and we need to use the back door to accommodate patients who can’t use stairs.”
Patient: *sighs and grumbles* “Winnipeg! Anything goes here!”
She gives her name, signs in and sits down. There is a sign asking people to please remove their footwear as the weather in Winnipeg is terrible and people wearing shoes inside makes everything a mess. This is not uncommon in Winnipeg, many clinics have places to leave your shoes. The patient sits for a few minutes, then sees the sign.
My co-worker and I are blown away and just sort of sit there, stunned.
Receptionist: “Okaaaaayyy…”
The patient storms out and we cancel her appointment.
Several hours later, the phone rings.
Patient: “I MUST speak to Dr (name)!”
Receptionist: “I’m sorry, the doctor is in with patients right now and can’t take phone calls. Can I take a message?”
Patient: “I was in earlier and I left because it was so silly, why is the front door locked? I must speak to Dr. (name)!”
Receptionist: “The doctor doesn’t take phone calls from patients, ma’am. He can’t speak to you.”
Receptionist: ” You had your chance to speak with him when you had your appointment, but you chose to leave. You have been very rude. You can find yourself a new family doctor. Goodbye.”

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(I used to help out as an attendant at a laundromat that offered drop-off and pick-up services.  We also would take dry-cleaning orders.  People would drop off their clothing to be dry-cleaned, it would get picked up by a local dry-cleaning store, and it would be dropped back off a few days later for people to pick up and pay.  Due to issues with credit cards and bounced checks, we could only accept cash.  One day, a woman came in to pick up her dry-cleaning order.)

Customer:  “I’m here for my dry-cleaning.  Here’s the receipt you guys gave me.”

Me:  “Ok, here you go.”  (I hand her the order and ring her up on the register.)  “That will be $29.99 please.”

Customer:  “What?  What do you mean?  It shouldn’t be that much.”

Me:  “Well, let’s look at the receipt and what you have.”  (I look through her dry-cleaning, and re-calculate the total in case it was incorrect the first time.)  “No, it looks like your order should be 29.99.”

Customer:  (Becoming angry.)  “That’s insane!  It shouldn’t be that high!”

Me:  “Well, I’m sorry ma’am, but that’s the total.”

Customer:  (Furious)  “Ugh, fine.”  (She pulls out a checkbook and begins to write a check.)

Me:  “I’m sorry ma’am.  We don’t accept checks.”

Customer:  “WHAT?!”

(I point out the “No Checks or Cards” signs that are surrounding the dry-cleaning desk.)

Customer:  “THIS IS INSANE!  Fine.  I need to go get cash.  Were is the nearest ATM?”

(I explain that we have one in the lobby.  We made sure to set the ATM fee to be the same as other ones nearby to be competitive.)

Customer:  “I will not use your ATM!  You probably set the fee high to screw over customers like me!”

(At this point a co-worker comes out.  She explains the situation to him, and he tells her the nearest ATM.)

Customer:  (Even more furious)  “Well, I can’t LEAVE, because you jerks will just mark up the price of my dry-cleaning order!”

(So she is refusing to go to another ATM, yet also won’t use ours.  After some more huffing and screaming by the woman, my co-worker assures her that we won’t mark up her order.  She leaves in a huff to use the ATM across the street.  Which has a higher fee than our ATM.  I wasn’t there when she returned, but evidently, she claimed that we DID indeed mark up her order, even though it was still $29.99.)

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