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Some time ago I went to school for a year out of state. During that time, my old broken phone was stolen. I was on my father’s phone plan at the time, so I let him know via email and he had the phone company send a new one under his name.

The delivery service, which rhymes with Dead Hex, missed me on the first two delivery attempts because I was in class. Due to poor roommate circumstances, I didn’t find any notice of this until the night of the second delivery attempt. I get directions for the store that end up having a right turn where a left turn should be and wander lost until well after closing. Resolved to just get my package in the morning before class, I drive home defeated.

Morning of the third delivery attempt and these unfortunate coincidences have me in a frantic mood, but I’m doing my best to keep polite. The clerk tells me the package is already out on the delivery truck for the last delivery attempt. If it doesn’t get delivered or picked up today, it will be returned to the sender. She also says that since it’s my father’s name on the package, I won’t be able to pick it up. Either I receive it by delivery or it’s being returned.

I ask if there’s any way to schedule when it’s being delivered, and she says I would have to call a number to do it. I explain a couple of times that I have no other phone besides the one they’re trying to deliver. She looks me right in the eyes and asks, “Don’t you have any friends?”

I don’t know how I resisted telling her most of my friends were eight hours away in another state. But finally, mercifully, she used her desk phone to reschedule the delivery so I could be there.

I’m back in my home state, but I still avoid this company whenever possible.

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(I’m a guy not overly prone to crying. When our friends took in an emergency rescue hamster my husband and I fell in love with him and were overjoyed when they didn’t have time for him and let us take him in. He was far friendlier and happier to see us than I imagined hamsters to be and he was very much part of the family. Even as he grew old and infirm, becoming first deaf and then starting to go blind, he was still eager to see us and would wake us up if he missed us. When he passed peacefully it was obviously very sad, but hardly a shock. I make arrangements with a pet crematorium- they’re gentle and nice, but then this exchange occurs while the staff member is taking his information.)

Staff: “Okay, and how old is [Hamster]?”

Me: “We’re not sure. At least three years.”

Staff: (clearly surprised) “Oh my god!”

Me: (starting to both laugh and cry) “Yeah, he was a proper doddering old boy by the end. ”

Staff: (a little sadly) “I had a girl hamster- she was only a year and a half when she went. I think people underestimate how important the small animals are.”

Me: “They absolutely are.”

Staff: “Was he the first animal you and your husband had together?”

Me: “Oh- no, my husband sort of inherited-” (I laugh, remembering another late pet) “When we got together he had to share me with a rabbit, who was very jealous! And we’ve got two rescue rabbits we adopted together. And of course, in there, [Hamster] came along.”

Staff: “And he was such a character, I’m sure.”

Me: “Oh yeah, absolutely. We were spoiled with our first hamster. He couldn’t be sweeter or friendlier. We were lucky to have him.”

(I know it doesn’t sound like much. But it was such a moment of warmth that allowed me to open up and have a proper, healing cry. In that painful moment it made such a very real difference to me and made me feel so much better about what I was arranging. I wish I could convey how much it meant to me.)

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In high school, my best friend and I (both female) decide to go to a haunted house. Since it’s just the two of us, we’re placed with another group — a young man accompanied by three young women who scream over everything, including things that aren’t scary like guard rails. My best friend and I are pretty stoic people and we don’t react much.

The last part of the haunted walk requires us to crawl through the backseat of an “abandoned” hearse; the girls are all screaming and sobbing and hanging onto him because the setup requires one-at-a-time passage. They all go through with much drama, followed by him with my friend and I bringing up the rear.

Back in the parking lot, he sends his trembling companions off to get hot chocolate or whatever, and I offer him a sympathetic smile. He shakes his head and says to us, “Y’all must’ve been through this thing seventy times! You didn’t react once!”

I sheepishly confessed, “Actually, this was our first haunted house.”

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My kindergarten teacher had certain ideas about what she should be expected to teach. I started the school year without knowing how to properly hold a pencil. Instead of showing me, she complained to my parents.

One day, I was sitting at a table in our classroom when she walked up to me, wrapped my fingers precisely around a pencil and walked away, all without saying a word or looking at me.

And that was how I learned how to hold a pencil.

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(We get asked for this attraction a lot, and we’re used to hearing variations on the name of it – mainly due to tourists confusing the name of the mountain with the name of the National Park).

Customer: Hello!

Me: Bore da, good morning – how are you today?

Customer: I’m great, I am actually looking for information on the Snowdonia Upwards Steamway

Me: Oh sure thing – we’ve got leaflets and booking information right over here!

(I guide her over to all the literature we have on the attraction and surrounding area, and place a leaflet for the attraction itself in her hand).

Me: There you go! Now, would you be interested in any of these [nearby attractions] whilst you’re in ]town]? Some of them are free entry and since [town] is a good 50 miles from us, it’d be a great way to make a day of it!

Customer (frowning and looking at the leaflet I handed her): No, this isn’t right. This isn’t it at all.

Me: Madam, you asked me for the mountain railway – I’ve given you the leaflet for it.

Customer: No, I asked for the Snowdonia Upwards Steamway. This says ‘Snowdon Mountain Railway’.

Me: Well, I presumed that was what you meant. There are no other rack-and-pinion steam railways in the United Kingdom. If you want to get to the summit of Mount Snowdon by steam train, I can assure you that this is the only way you can do it.

Customer: No, I am absolutely positive it is not called this. Are you SURE you don’t have information for the Snowdonia Upwards Steamway?

Me: Once again, ma’am, I can assure you this is the only ‘upwards’ steam train within the National Park. It goes from [town] to the summit of Mount Snowdon. All other steam railways in the area are preserved, and run from slate mines to coastal towns. They do not summit any mountains. If you’re not sure, I suggest you phone them to double check.

Customer: I will do. If you’re lying to me I shall be coming back here in the week to lodge a complaint.

Me: I look forward to it madam. In the meantime, I hope you have a great holiday!

(She never came back)