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I used to volunteer with a local hospital, working directly with the administrative manager of the entire volunteer department. One day another volunteer comes in.

Volunteer: “[Manager], I wonder if you could do something for me. I need my badge coded for access.”

Manager: “[Volunteer], you do not work in any department that needs a coded badge.”

Volunteer: “No, this isn’t for a department in the hospital… it’s for the gated parking lot.”

I stop what I’m doing, sit back and slowly turn around to stare incredulously at him. He has been at the hospital for longer than I have, and even I know better.

Manager: “… The gated parking lot is for nurses and doctors only, [Volunteer]. It’s to ensure that the employees can get a place to park and get to work quickly. You know that no one else is allowed access to that area. Even I am not allowed to park there.”

Volunteer: “Yes but when the hospital is busy it’s really difficult to find parking, and sometimes I end up late for my shift.”

Manager: “I understand that, but the gated parking is still off limits to anyone who isn’t doing clinical work for the hospital. The only people allowed to park there are the people trained and hired to make lifesaving decisions and need to be able to get to work on time because of their responsibilities. As a volunteer, being a few minutes late to your shift will not result in someone being seriously harmed.”

Volunteer: “So where am I supposed to park when the hospital is busy?”

Manager, eye twitching a bit: “In one of the other seven different parking lots around the hospital that are open for anyone to park in, other than the Emergency Parking and the Cancer Center. And even though it’s a bit of a walk, the [grocery store] parking lot across the street takes overflow from the hospital and doesn’t give out tickets.”

They go back and forth for nearly fifteen minutes, with the administrative manager patiently explaining over and over that while volunteers are valuable and honored for their time, nurses and doctors do get priority parking over them.

Volunteer: *leaves, grumbling* “They really should allow other people to park in the gated parking lot.”

The Administrative Manager and I just look at each other.

Me: “You’re more patient than I am… I would have told him to stop acting like a spoiled child about two minutes in…”

The administrative manager holds up her thumb and index finger a millimeter apart: “This close, [my name]. Thiiiis close.”

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(I am one of the first people to queue in a horror attraction, it’s early and I’m pretty much the only one in the entire park other than the employees. A manager of sorts comes out from the entrance wearing a zombie mask and is making pretty convincing zombie noises. We chat for a little bit while the park starts to open up when another employee/volunteer walks up to him from the gift shop.)

Zombie: *Stares at volunteer* “Raaaahhhrr…”

Volunteer: *Stares back wide eye’d and then runs in a dead sprint back into the gift shop*

Me: *Looks at zombie* “…”

Zombie: “That’s all it takes!”

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Sitting in my gas booth in the middle of winter, half way into my night shift. A very annoyed looking woman approached, and shoved her card into the tray that connects into the booth.

Customer: “I want 8 bucks on my pump!”

Me: “Alright, let me get that for you.”

The customer was a very impatient person, and for some reason was wearing a very light coat when it was snowing very heavily.

Customer: “Are you really this slow?!”

Me: “I finished up, here you are.

I was relieved to let the impatient woman go away, and so I watch as she makes her boyfriend get out of the car to start the gas. Well instead of actually getting the gas going, he pushed the nozzle in, selected his gas, and then rushed into his car without gassing up.

A moment later the woman noticed, and so jumped out of the car while shouting at her boyfriend and started up the pump. Well she had been jiggling it, and the pumps were prone to refund in the pump was jostled too harshly to prevent any leaking.

Knowing that when I refunded money back onto a card it would take a few hours I became nervous as she walked back to my window with a very angry look.

Customer: “Why isn’t it pumping?!”

Me: “You jostled the pump too much, so I had to refund it. It may take some time to get back on the card…”

Customer: “Where is my money?! I want it back on the pump right now, and I need to gas up!”

By this point she was screaming at me, and another customer was approaching my booth. I tried to calm her down, but she started cussing and stomping her feet telling me to call inside to the main store to get someone to help get her money back.

I quickly called in and talked to a customer service representative, but she was still screaming and cussing away near my microphone so I had to mute her.

When I was speaking to the represenative, I watched as she started screaming at the other customer. So when I hung up after figuring out that we couldn’t do anything to speed up sending the money back, I walked to the window and unmuted the microphone.

Customer: “So have you figured out yet?!”

I tried to get a word in, but she continued on a tirade of cussing.

Me: “Mam, you’re going to have to be quiet for a moment!”

I finally shut her up enough for me to continue.

Me: “You’re going to have to go inside, and let them help you as you are being extremely loud.”

She glared at me, and smacked the window and stomped away into her car.

After she left, the other customer who had been yelled at by her walked up.

Me: “I’m so very sorry about her…”

Customer 2: “No, don’t be. I’m sorry that you had to deal with her.”

After that, the angry customer came back later with a card given to her after screaming at people inside and put it into gas. After that she became known as one of the most angry customers we’d ever had, and we don’t talk to her except to confirm what she wanted.

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My dad has the same name as the son of a political candidate. One night, my mom takes this call.

Caller: Hello, my name (Name), and I am trying to get in touch with (Candidate) because (reason).

Mom: I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong number.

Caller: Could you please just have (Dad) tell (Candidate) my message?

Mom: No, I’m sorry, but I think you have the wrong number.

Caller: This isn’t (Dad’s Name)?

Mom: He is (Dad’s Name), but he’s not THAT (Dad’s Name). We are not related to (Candidate).

Caller, sounding disappointed: Are you sure?

Mom: Yes, I’m sorry I couldn’t help you.

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(I am waiting at the train station for my train to come. The opposing train just departed, when i see a man jumping on the rails behind the train, only to see him come up with a plastic cup in his hand.

It turns out that a woman with a stroller, who exited the train, had dropped the baby plastic cup on the rail without noticing it.

the man ran after her, giving it back to her, as if what he just did was the most natural thing ever.

It just left me baffled, because the man could have easily electrocuted himself, or an accident might have happened, but it still shows whatt some people would to just to help a stranger.