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17 Unusual Stories About Underwear!

| Right | August 5, 2021

Dear readers,

Today is National Underwear Day (USA)! I know, it’s a weird one, but the other option for this roundup was National Oyster Day, and oysters just aren’t as funny as underwear. Sorry. This “holiday” was created eighteen years ago by a brand that wanted to encourage body positivity! And that’s something we can all get behind. (Get it? Behind? Like a butt?)

Anywayyyy… for your amusement, we’ve found 17 stories from our archives about adventures with underwear – from strange customer requests to funny couple antics to kids saying the darnedest things, and everything in between!


Shortest. Honeymoon. Ever. – This could either be a really good thing or a really bad one.

We Prefer Our Privates Private – I’m going to be very blunt: no one wants to share skidmarks!

The Naked Truth – Robes: never leave your room without one.

Your Own Private Coffee – Want to know what’s really sad? This isn’t the only story like this on NAR. Ugh!

They’re On The Same Bat-Channel – Here’s something a little more wholesome to soothe your brain after that last one.

You Need Thick Skin To Deal With These Thick Skulls – Um… security?!

Bugging You Out – Excuse me. I need to go wash all of my underwear. Several times.

Using The FF Word – Sounds like someone makes a commission on bras.

Some Behavior Is Beyond Brief – Pretty sure that’s none of your business, lady.

This Employee Needs To Be Socked – This cashier’s logic is faulty.

The Sisterhood Of The Inappropriate Pants – Phrasing, phrasing, phrasing!

Addressing The Underlying Problem – That’s much nicer than what I would’ve said.

Has A Head For Getting What She Wants – When you’re three, you can get away with some questionable fashion decisions.

Already Covered In Enough Trash – What’s the grossest thing in this story?

When You Were Younger, You Gave Away The Moon – This story actually doesn’t feature underwear… and that’s a problem.

Victoria’s Dam Secret – As someone who hates shopping for underwear, I would be devastated.

Underwear Beware – Like multiple commenters on this story, I now have “What’s This?” from The Nightmare Before Christmas stuck in my head.


We hope you enjoyed this Underwear-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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