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This Employee Needs To Be Socked

| Working | September 4, 2013

(I purchase a pack of underwear, but after one wash they are falling apart at the seams. I return them to the customer service counter, along with the receipt to prove I had bought them less than a week ago.)

Cashier: “We don’t take returns on underwear.”

Me: “I know, but these are faulty. They fell apart after one wash and I’d like a refund.”

Cashier: *pushing the pack back at me* “We don’t do refunds on underwear.”

(I open the pack and show the cashier the underwear, which is obviously unraveling at the seams.)

Me: “I’m not returning them because I changed my mind. They are faulty.”

Cashier: *annoyed* “We DON’T do refunds on UNDERWEAR!”

Me: “Look, I know store policy is not to do returns on underwear, but I’m still entitled to return faulty goods. These are faulty, and under the Sale of Goods Act, I’m entitled to a refund. If you can’t do it, call a supervisor.”

Cashier: *rolling eyes and glaring at me* “Hey! [Manager], I got a return on underwear.”

Manager: “We don’t do returns on underwear.”

Me: *showing him the falling-apart seams* “I know, but these are faulty.”

Manager: “Oh! Sorry about that; [cashier] will process the refund for you.”

Cashier: “But we don’t do returns on underwear!”

Manager: “We do if the merchandise is faulty.”

Cashier: “But we don’t DO returns on underwear!”

Manager: *to me* “Sorry about this. Come over here; I’ll process your refund. [Cashier], I will see you in a minute.”

(The manager gives me the refund while apologizing for the cashier. As I walked out he is talking to her, and I could still hear her arguing ‘but we don’t do refunds on underwear!’)

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