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The Naked Truth

, , | Right | September 28, 2017

(I am doing security checks on each floor, when I see a man in only his thin underwear standing very close to someone’s door, knocking.)

Me: “Um, sir? You have to put some clothes on. You can’t go in the halls naked.”

Guest: “I’m not naked. Uh… I was checking on my kids, and I’ve locked myself out of my room. I’m trying to knock quietly, so my wife will unlock the door, but I won’t wake my kids.”

(At this point, I think he’s drunk, and my tone gets steely.)

Me: “Sir, I’m going to check if you’re telling the truth. I’ll be right back.”

(I checked on the computer, and then went back, but he was gone. Hoping he wasn’t running around without any clothes on, I looked for him, but saw no sign of him. The next morning, I saw him with some children and his wife at breakfast, and figured that he was telling the truth. He caught my eye, blushed, and looked away. Is it so hard to put on a robe on these days?)

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