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10 Stories About Lotteries That Will Make You Feel Like A Winner!

| Right | August 27, 2021

Dear readers,

Congratulations! You’ve won! “Won what?” you ask? You’ve won a chance to read our newest roundup!

What would you do if you won something a little more tangible? Say… a few million dollars? Today is International Lottery Day, celebrating games of chance and big payouts all over the world. People have been entering lotteries and dreaming big for centuries. In fact, the oldest country-wide lottery I found information on dates back to the early 1500s in France! Wild!

To celebrate International Lottery Day, we’ve rounded up 10 stories about lotteries from our archives that’ll make you feel like a winner! (By comparison, if nothing else!)


Scratch-Off Your Name On The Pool – This isn’t a zero-sum game. It’s a negative-3,000-sum game!

Working Retail These Days Is A Lottery – We really hope they’re joking.

It’s A Karma Lottery – Maybe I’m mean, but I’d have rubbed it in her face a little.

Customer Reactions Are A Lottery – Aw, we kind of hope this customer won a little.

Captioning Live Shows Is A Lottery – Live captioning must be a stressful job, even without the stupid questions!

Seventh Time’s The Charm – Help me pick the numbers for my next ticket, author!

Little White Lies Vs. Big Green Addictions – Sometimes parents just need a little help.

In Need Of A Winning Attitude – Well, you can’t say that anymore, can you?

Non-Cents-ical Service – Whether or not you’ll get what you’re asking for is a total lottery, apparently.

Can’t Even Handle Five Dollars, Let Alone A Million – Hits from the comments: “For someone expecting cashiers to be psychic, he was surprisingly calm and polite.”


We hope you enjoyed this Lottery-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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