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13 Crazy Stories About Customers Who Are So Bad With Money They Could Probably Cause A Recession

| Right | May 13, 2021

Dear readers,

In the retail world, things should be simple. A customer and vendor agree on the price of a product, and money is exchanged. Sadly, there are some customers whose understanding of money is so simple that it can make things very complicated.

We’ve found thirteen crazy stories from our archives about customers who are so financially ignorant, so inept at money management, and so clueless about how money actually… well, works, that they’ll have you scratching your head and wondering how they’ve made it this far in life!


Credit Car – One day, the technology will get there… and customers will still find a way to mess it up.

Don’t Pin Your Hopes On This One – Why would you give them that?!

Short Changed In The Intelligence Department – Miss me with that math stuff.

Stupidity You Can Bank On – Hits from the comments: “I wish people who were trying to do a really simple task that is proving to be ridiculously difficult would take the time to stop and think about WHY such a simple task is so difficult.”

How About Ten To The Durrrrr – This is either madness or brilliance.

Information Underload – Some people should walk through life with blinders, apparently.

Paid In Fool – Somebody’s about to learn about the stupid tax.

A Sticky Problem – Did they seriously think this would work?!

To Give Credit Where Debit Is Due – Hits from the comments: “Just trying out the freshly made human suit, eh?”

Apparently, It Grows On Trees Nowadays – You might want to check up on how checks work.

Economic Recession For Dummies, Part 2 – Who decided to trust this person with any money?

Taxing Faxing, Part 2 – I will now be paying for everything with this photo of a hundred-dollar bill I found on the Internet.

The Financial Crisis Personified – I can’t even laugh at this person. I just feel bad.


We hope you enjoyed this ignorant with money roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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