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Staff Are One Bad Mood Away From Burns

, , , , , | Right | August 27, 2021

A lot of places have put up plastic barriers in front of pickup counters and cashiers for health reasons.

I’m in line waiting for my tea and muffin. A lady ahead of the line has just gotten her latte and has wandered off to sit at a table. Before someone can pick up their order, she comes back in a huff and yells at the employee that’s handing out the orders.

Customer: “This latte isn’t hot enough! Why can’t you people do anything right?!”

Before the employee could say anything, the lady proceeded to throw her latte at the employee, who was blocked by the barrier. The drink hit the barrier, and the latte splashed all over the place, landing on the floor, display, and customers.

The lady realized what she had done and just ran out of the place, leaving the mess and the now annoyed customers.

The employee apologized for what happened, but the others and I told them it wasn’t their fault. I got my tea and muffin after that, but it does make me think that they should keep the plastic barriers after this is all done.