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They Had It Coming

, , , , , | Learning | August 30, 2017

(It is our sixth year, after recess. The teacher comes in, opens the board, and reveals a drawing of a large, crude penis, ejaculating over what appears to be a girl’s face. Two male students can’t conceal their giggling, and the rest of the class joins in. The teacher looks at it and shakes her head.)

Teacher: “Seriously? [Student #1], [Student #2], you should be ashamed.”

Student #1 & #2: “We didn’t do it!”

Teacher: “Oh, please. This wasn’t there before recess and I saw you enter first, giggling.”

Student #1: “It was just a joke…”

Teacher: “Oh, it is a joke, all right! You are both boys, you’ve had sex-ed, and you give me this?”

(She takes a crayon and starts altering the drawing.)

Teacher: “First of all, the underside of the glans does not look like this… also, the scrotum is not two separate ovals… there is no way the genital hair would be distributed like this… and besides, you would find a size such as this in bad p*rn movies at best.”

(The whole class is watching, mouths agape.)

Teacher: “Also, look at this face! Didn’t you learn about the proportions of the human face in art class?”

(She then proceeds to correct the face, leaving a rather realistic image.)

Teacher: “If you’re going to do such immature jokes, at least do them properly! You obviously not only didn’t pay attention in class, you apparently never even bothered to look at your own genitals. I’m very disappointed in you.”

(The whole class was roaring by this point, and the two students looked like they were dying from humiliation.)

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