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The Class Will Receive Multiple Pardons

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(In grade five, I have an awesome teacher that, in addition to giving us an excellent education, has made it her quest to make us more polite.)

Teacher: *says something a student didn’t quite hear*

Student: “What?”

Teacher: “Pardon?”

Student: *louder* “What?”

Teacher: “Pardon?”

Student: *louder still* “What?”

Teacher: “Pardon?”

Student: *even louder* “What?”

Teacher: “Pardon?”

Student: *finally getting it* “Pardon?”

Teacher: “Oh.” *repeats unheard statement*

(She warned us on the very first day that she would play this game, but for the first few months it took some practice. Thanks to her, nearly twenty years later, I always say “pardon” when I don’t hear someone the first time.)

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