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They Got A Score Of Less Than Ten

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(I work at a homeware store and our policy is that we do not refund for a change of mind; however, the customer may exchange for another item. We also offer store credit, where we put their amount onto a gift card exclusive to our store; however, we can only do this if the value is over $10. A lady comes up to the counter with two items and a receipt, clearly indicating some form of a return.)

Me: “Hi! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I just want to return these; I don’t have any use for them.”

(I make sure the items are still in their original packaging and haven’t been used, and I also check the receipt for their prices.)

Me: “Yup, everything seems fine, and it comes to a total of $6.00! Were you planning on doing any shopping today?”

Customer: “No, I’ll just take the amount back onto my card.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but we actually don’t do refunds for a change of mind, and the items are less than $10, so—”

Customer:What? Where does it say this? No one has ever told me this!”

Me: *points to the large, white sign taped to the counter, then to her receipt* “It’s right there on the counter and also written on your receipt. We’ve always had this policy.”

Customer: “You can’t do this! I know my rights as a customer! I have a right to a refund!”

Me: “We’re not required to give refunds. We do usually offer store credit, but because the amount is less than—”

Customer: “Fine! I’ll just take store credit, then.”

Me: *trying to keep my cool* “Unfortunately, we can only process store credit for a value over $10. Your total is less than that, so I cannot give it to you in this case.”

Customer: *clearly frustrated* “WHY?”

Me: “The amount goes onto one of our gift cards, and they can only be validated with a value over $10.”

Customer: “This is ridiculous! You can’t just force people to spend their money like this! I demand you give me a refund!”

(My supervisor overhears this conversation and comes over.)

Supervisor: “What’s the problem?”

Customer: “You’re refusing me a refund! This is absurd! It’s only $6.00! If you’re not going to give me credit, I don’t see the point of buying something right away if I’m not going to have a use for it!”

Supervisor: *rolls her eyes at me, knowing I’ve already explained everything to the lady* “Yeah, it’s fine; just give her the refund.”

(I sigh and go and get the paperwork. I spend several minutes filling out all the details, have her sign it, and then go to process the refund.)

Me: “Okay, so that’s $6.00 back onto your card. Just tap it when you’re ready, and it will just ask for your PIN.”

(The lady presses the card to the machine and then places it back in her purse and stands there quietly for a few moments, waiting.)

Me: “So, it’s just going to need your PIN.”

Customer: “What? Why? It’s a refund!”

Me: “Yes, but the system cannot process the refund without a PIN.”

Customer: “But… but I don’t remember my PIN!”

Me: “There’s no way to do the refund without it.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

(I nod coolly, because I know that if I speak it will come out as a scream.)

Customer: “Okay, maybe I’ll just have a look around and see if I can find anything.” *walks away*

Me: “…”

Coworker: “Un-f******-believable.”

(She came back an hour later with a trolley’s worth of items that added up to $110 after taking out the original $6.00 refund value. The moment she left, I went into the back room and screamed while my supervisor laughed her head off. It’s a good thing it wasn’t a busy day that day.)

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