A Crafty Way To Make Money

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(I have taken my nieces and nephews out shopping while babysitting. I go to a friend’s business where she has a cafe. It’s a very safe environment; the whole place is only three rooms, and I know most of the people there. There’s a woman that I know there on this day, and she’s got some items set up on one of the tables in the cafe. I leave the kids eating while I go to the second room to pay for our meals, and when I come back I find this woman has approached them. They are all out of their chairs, ready to follow her.)

Woman: “Oh, hi, [My Name]! I was just asking the kids if they want to do some crafts with me!”

(She talks to them, getting them excited about doing the crafts. I’m hesitant about letting them, as we have to leave very soon to get home in time for their father to pick them up, but the kids are so excited about it and I don’t want to let them down.)

Me: “Okay, just something real quick; we have to leave in ten minutes.”

(I finish my meal and then tell them we have to leave.)

Woman: “Okay, [My Name], that’s four children at $15 each.”

Me: “What? You never said anything about payment to begin with.”

(My friend who owns the business always runs free crafts for children during school vacation time, and I have donated craft things myself.)

Woman: “Oh, didn’t I? You can give a donation if you want; whatever you think is fair.”

Me: “All I’ve got is $10.”

Woman: “Okay, that will do as a donation.” *turns to kids* “Okay, pack up your stuff now.”

(The only thing they have done is draw on a piece of paper. She turns back to me.)

Woman: “You can bring the rest to me next week.”

Me: “That $10 was all I could afford; I’m sorry.”

(As we left, I saw her at another table inviting more children to do crafts with her. They were the children of staff members, including the owner’s son. I mentioned what happened to the owner, who told me I wasn’t the only one to make a complaint about her approaching children and then trying to make the parents pay.)

This Will Get Weird, Promise

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(I am working 16 hours a week, which is all I really want, as I have small children and want to contribute to the household finances. I also work every other weekend. The manager calls me into the office.)

Manager: “[My Name], I’m wondering if you could do me a favour?”

Me: “What is it?”

Manager: “Well, I have someone in mind to fill [Coworker]’s position when she leaves next week, but she can’t join us for another month. Would you be interested in working full-time until she can take over?”

Me: “Of course I can, just as long as I go back to 16 hours a week afterwards.”

Manager: “Of course, you will go back to your normal hours.”

(It’s four weeks later, and I get called back into the office.)

Manager: *snapping at me* “I have [Name] starting next week, and I know that you aren’t going to honour our agreement of going back to your job.” *I actually can’t be forced to*

Me: *stunned* “Of course I will; I gave you my word.”

Manager: “Well, I don’t think you will.”

Me: “I made an agreement with you that I intend to stick to; all I want is to go back to 16 hours like you promised.”

Manager: “I stick to my word; I’m not sure about you.”

(The new staff member started, who just happened to be personal friend of the manager. The roster came out and I found I was now working just 12 hours a week and am rostered on every weekend.)

He Can Go Sleep In The Garage

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(Our two-car garage is a mess. My husband insists I have to help tidy it.)

Husband: “We’ll take sides; you do that side and I’ll do this side. Most of the things on your side are yours.”

(I get to work tidying my side. He’s constantly watching so I don’t throw out anything that might remotely be his. If he’s not doing that, he’s fiddling around with his tools, not actually doing any tidying. I get my side looking good, and even set up a table so I can do some crafting out there. It’s taken me half the day, and his side has barely been touched.)

Me: “Okay, I’m finished, just in time to cook dinner.”

(It takes about half an hour to cook the dinner, and when it’s ready, I call my husband in.)

Me: “Are you going to continue cleaning after you eat?”

Husband: “I’m completely finished; my side of the garage is clean.”

(I couldn’t believe that he’d taken just half an hour to do it, after doing almost nothing out there for almost four hours. I walked out to find that the mess and rubbish from his side had now been moved to my side. The next day, he showed his brother his tidy side of the garage and what my side looks like. His brother has often called me lazy in the past, and this is no exception. My husband now wonders why I have to take photos of everything I do.)

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My co-worker calls me to the register.

Co-worker “(My Name) can you help me with this refund? I can’t get the items to scan”

Me “Sure, there’s the receipt?”

Co-worker “The customer lost it”

Me “But we can’t refund without it” *Co-worker knows this.

Customer “I bought them here, I need a refund”

Me “I should be able to offer an exchange or credit note, where are the items?”

Co-worker *gives me the items “I don’t know why I can’t get them to scan”

Me *giving them a quick glance “That’s because they aren’t our stock”

Customer “I bought them here”

Me “No you didn’t, this one here is (Competitor’s) own brand and that one is Target”

Customer “How do you know that? You didn’t even look at them.”

Me “Because it says Target right there and” *turns the other item over “here it says made exclusively for (Competitor)”

Customer “I can’t return them here?”

Me “Umm no”

She finally leaves.

Co-worker “I don’t know how you knew that”

I mentally face palm as I wonder how someone who had been in the store for three years does not know our own stock.

Realizing Their Baggage About Baggage Is Not Really Baggage At All

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(Our load of plastic shopping bags doesn’t come in, and we end up running out. We start using the environmentally-friendly bags, which are usually $2, free of charge to pack the shopping with.)

Me: “Hi, how are you this evening?”

Customer: “Where are your plastic bags? I want plastic bags. I don’t want to be charged with these rubbish enviro-friendly bags.”

Me: “Sorry, sir, but we have actually run out of plastic bags. But we’re not charging you for these bags, as it was not your fault we ran out.”

Customer: “I don’t believe you; go check the back for plastic bags!”

Me: “Sir, trust me; we’ve run out of them. We’re losing money by giving these bags out for free, and they are more difficult to pack. If we had plastic bags I’d be more than happy to use them, but because we clearly don’t, you’ll just have to put up with these bags that are normally $2, free of charge.”

(By this point he got quiet, and paid and left. I wished him a good night and he smiled back.)

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