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The Sweet Freedom Of The End Of Days

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Due to the health crisis, the call center I was with folded, as they lost too many contracts with different partnering businesses.

As we approached our last week, we still made an effort to remain professional, but the human side of us gradually melted through. I heard a coworker say to a customer, “Don’t lie to me! I’m looking at the notes on your account, and we did NOT tell you that!”

I had a customer who had an issue with a trip she went on. Apparently, it had been cut short after it began raining heavily. I went ahead and gave her a refund. She seemed satisfied with it and ended the call amicably. However, five minutes later, my phone rang again.

Man: “Did you just talk to [Customer]?”

Me: “I’m not at liberty to discuss other customers due to privacy—”

Man: “I’m her boyfriend. And she is standing right here next to me. You’re not gonna rip my girlfriend off like that and get away with it. This is fraud! Who do you think you are?”

Me: “Not that I’m supposed to be discussing this with you, but she received a full refund. I don’t see what the problem is.”

Man: “No, you’re gonna give her more than that. A free excursion, a discount coupon, anything.”

Me: “No.”

Man: “Excuse me?”

Me: “She received a full refund, and seeing that this matter does not even concern you to begin with, unless you yourself have a purchase with us you’d like to discuss, this conversation is over. Have a nice day.” *Click*

Ten minutes later, I got a call from a different customer.

Girl: *Audibly in tears* “I ordered [Cruise Trip], but my car won’t start and the next bus won’t make it in time. I know this is non-refundable or transferrable, but is there anything you can do for me? It’s my birthday and I really wanted to go!”

Company policy says she’s out of luck. Human compassion says…

Me: “Think you can catch an Uber or an evening bus for the 7:30 cruise?”

Girl: “Yes! Yes, I can!”

I did an override that normally would get me fired when discovered.

Me: “Great, then 7:30 it is! I’ve emailed you a new ticket. If you aren’t able to make it, let me know and I’ll just go ahead and refund you. I’m here until 10:30; ask for [My Name].”

Girl: “Thank you so much! This means a lot to me!”

Me: “No… Thank you, and happy birthday!”

Being able to work as a HUMAN BEING and not a customer service robot was one of the best experiences ever!

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