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Sorry, Heartfelt Requests Are Only Available Before Eleven

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I work in a coffee shop and bakery where breakfast is from 7:00 to 11:00 am, no exceptions. You’d be surprised how many people come in and expect breakfast when it’s long past noon or later. Some even have the nerve to get angry, like it’s an inexcusable crime not to make them an exception to the rules.

Customer: “I’d like two coffees and a breakfast sandwich to go.”

Me: “We can give you the coffee, sir, but I’m afraid breakfast is over for the day.”

It is almost noon already.

Customer: “Come on, have a heart! My son is in the hospital and he’s really wanting one of your sandwiches! Can’t you just make me one?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. We can’t do that.”

Customer: “Oh, come on, have a heart! It’s just one sandwich!”

Cue my manager, who happens to be close enough to listen.

Manager: “All the stuff for breakfast is already put away, sir. We’re not doing breakfast again until tomorrow.”

Customer: “Have you no heart? Can’t you make an exception for me? My son is in the hospital!”

Manager: “Sorry, sir, but no.”

Me: “You can still order anything else on our menu, just not breakfast.”

Customer: “That’s not what I came for!”

In the end, the customer practically throws down the money for the coffee, which he still wants.

Customer: “That’s the last time I order here! See if I ever come here again!”

After he was gone, we all stared at each other like, “Did that really just happen?”

Sorry about your son, sir, assuming your story is true, and we hope he gets well soon.

I’d like to hope you were just overreacting from the stress, but for heaven’s sake, there’s no need to have a little public tantrum over a silly sandwich and accuse us, to our faces, of being “heartless.” Come on!

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