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When You’re Let Down By Hair Of The Dog

, , , , | Right | July 22, 2022

I was a new assistant manager at a toy store, and we had a couple that came in to return a piano they had bought. They had their receipt and were within the return date, but the box and toy were filled with pet hair.

They were making a fuss with the cashier, so she called over our manager, and she told them we couldn’t accept the return because it was nowhere close to sellable condition.

We live in an area where lots of people are bilingual. These customers were so angry that they started insulting my manager in French. What they didn’t know is that my manager doesn’t speak French but she does understand it. Any chance they had of getting a refund went away when they said, “Eat s***,” in French. She just told them we couldn’t do the return and walked away.

The story doesn’t stop there! A few days later, we got an email from customer service saying that this customer called in saying we refused their return for no reason and that they don’t even own any pets, so there couldn’t be any pet hair in the box.

Usually, when we get these emails, we just have to send in our side of the story and that’s it. The end of this story isn’t as satisfying as getting even, but I did do a little more digging.

When customers call in to complain to customer service, they get asked for their name, last name, and email for the report. I know I shouldn’t have, but I was bored, and I really liked this manager, so I wanted to be sure that these angry customers couldn’t take things further. I did a little stalking on social media.

I found one of the customer’s accounts where every single profile picture they had was of them AND THEIR DOGS — dogs with the same colour fur that was in the piano box.

I let my manager know in case it came up again, but nothing more ever came of it.

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