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Someone F***ed Around And Mom Found Out

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I’m working from home. My brother is getting ready to head back to college at the end of his summer. My mom walks into my room unannounced.

Mom: “Hi. I’m helping [Brother] pack, and we need some more storage containers. Do you have anything we could use?”

Me: “Sure, let me look around.”

She grabs a box

Mom: “Oh, this would be perfect.”

She opens it before I can stop her and gets a horrified look before holding up an unopened and unused condom.

Mom: “Uh, [My Name], what is this?”

Me: “What do you think it is?”

Mom: “Why do you have this?”

Me: “Because I have a girlfriend and I’m being safe, just like you taught me.”

She just stares at me.

Me: “Well, this just got awkward quickly.”

Mom: “Yeah, uh, thanks. I think we have some boxes in the garage.” *Leaves*

On the plus side, she never randomly went through stuff in my room again.

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