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Some Problems Tend To Stick Around

, , , , , , | Working | October 8, 2022

I worked in a clothing store with a guy I’ll call Clive. Clive was, without a doubt, the stupidest fellow I have ever (or hopefully ever will) met. He was once tasked with placing sales stickers on some clothes, and then he proceeded to place them inside the clothes. When asked why?

Clive: “So they wouldn’t fall off.”

Us: “But they’re stickers. Their sole intention is to not fall off.”

Clive: “But they fall off all the time.”

When we checked his work, we realised he actually hadn’t been peeling the stickers off to reveal the sticky backs. He had just been tearing them off and hoping for the best. For weeks after the sale, we kept finding random torn sales stickers falling out of stock with exclamations like, “Clive strikes again!” and the like.

When it was time for the next sale, my boss decided Clive would not be involved. At the beginning of the sales planning meeting, he gathered the staff and started with:

Boss: “The plan for the sale is simple, like Clive. But unlike Clive, the plan just might work.”

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