My Family And Other (Fake) Animals

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(This conversation happens with my now ex-in-laws at their place. We’ve been talking about odd animals and I mention narwhals.)

Wife: “What the h*** is a narwhal?”

Me: “It’s a whale that lives in the polar region with a huge bone spike on its nose, like a unicorn, but bigger and real.”

Wife: “Well I’ve never heard of it. No animal has a horn like a unicorn. You’re just wrong.”

Mother-in-law: “I agree. No animal would have something like that, especially not an animal that lives in the water; there’s just no need for it. You must be mistaken.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll prove I’m not making this up…”

(I hop on the computer and pull pictures and info on the narwhal.)

Wife: “Okay, well maybe you are right, then.”

(At this point my grandmother-in-law walks over.)

Grandmother-in-law: “Are they pictures of the sea unicorns?”

Me: “Thank you! Someone else who knows about this animal.”

Grandmother-in-law: “Oh, no, honey. They’re not real. They’re make-believe, like unicorns.”

Wife and Mother-in-law: “See! I knew you were wrong!”

Wife: “God, you can be so stupid some times. Believing in fake animals!”

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