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23 Crazy Stories About Mothers-In-Law, And The Interesting Relationships We Have With Them

| Right | July 17, 2020

Dear readers,

We all know the normal mother-in-law story. The helicopter mother who thinks you’re never good enough for her ‘baby’, or the passive-aggressive monster who always thinks she knows best. But like all tropes, there’s nuance behind the stereotype. We’ve gathered 23 stories from our archives about the many different kinds of mother-in-law out there, from the hellish to the ignorant, and maybe even an awesome one or two.


Arsenic Picnic – Package it in some nice lace.

Not Her Calling – Nothing worse than a mother-in-law that thinks you’re tech support.

Be Glad They Don’t Need Jiffy Lube – Christianity has changed since we went to church.

Childbirth Was Less Painful – Grandma becomes a monster from day zero!

Hard To See In The Dark (Ages) – Mother-In-Law has some outdated ideas for parenting… and society as a whole!

Your Death Will Be Ornamental – It’s nice to know she thinks she’ll be poisoned by means other than you.

My Family And Other Animals – This story packs so much ‘wrong’ into five lines.

Under Fire Interrogation – We really hope this question is a brain-fart and not based on experience…

Well, That Stuff Can Be Addictive… – Now we know why her chicken is so awesome.

Every Evening Is The Same Old Tune – Technophobic Mother-In-Law versus innocent strangers.

Batteries Not Kink-luded – Do you want to tell her or should I?

OK Boo-Ma – Her advice might have become a tad bit outdated.

My Family And Other (Fake) Animals – People who believe in Narwhals seem to be rarer than Unicorns.

Incoming Comments About Outgoings – When they think that saving hard = being rich.

Endowment Empowerment – Maybe he’ll… grow into it?

The Mark Of A Cranky Baby – Maybe they should have stopped and checked with the mother?!

Do You Want The Micro Or The Wave? – The only thing coming out of this microwave is micro-aggressions.

A Weighty Statement – This conversation is all give and take.

Passed Parenting With Flying Natural Colors – Nothing like putting insecticide into a toddler’s hair to scream parenting!

Allergic To The Truth – Allergic to the truths of history.

Next Year Just Play It By Ear – Next time just get a gift card…

Trying To Redress The Situation – Mother-In-Law meets wedding planning. Let the drama begin!

Needs A Grounding In Allergies – It’s okay, she ground all the allergies out!

And finally, a bonus story about an awesome mother-in-law who knows how to use her words!

In-Law Laying Down The Law – She knows how to make others use their words too!


We hope you found this collection of stories funny, and that if you have a mother-in-law, that she’s cool enough to share these with! Know any that we missed? Let us know in the comments! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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