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Incoming Comments About Outgoings

| Related | July 15, 2014

(My in-laws think that I came from a wealthy family.)

Mother-In-Law: “Not all of us have the luck of being born into money.”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Mother-In-Law: “Well look at your family: they have a big house and property. You’ve never wanted for much.”

Me: “Um, no. Dad has always worked for what he’s got, has been careful with his money, and doesn’t waste any of it.”

Mother-In-Law: “You’re saying like us aren’t you?”

Me: “Well, you said it.”

Mother-In-Law: “Yeah, well, he probably inherited a lot of it.”

Me: “No. I can remember Mum going without food to make sure we got fed. They grew vegetables and had chickens. They built their house over years, even buying a house for demolition for $200. Dad often worked two or three jobs to raise money. As soon as Mum was able, she worked, too. They ran businesses and invested their retirements into property so it’s there when they need it. The rent brings in an income; they don’t have a pension. They actually have an income that is less than the pension. They think long and hard about major purchases so not to waste anything.”

(I mention the conversation to my sister who tells me she goes through the same thing with her in-laws.)

Sister: “My in-laws get rich scheme is to gamble and then spend what they have on high living. My mother-in-law was berating me for having money in the bank. She said ‘money is for spending.’”

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