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10 Fantastical Stories About Unicorns!

| Right | April 12, 2021

Dear readers,

April 9th was National Unicorn Day! Synonymous with rainbows and sunshine, unicorns are beautiful, mystical creatures that have inspired legend and fantasy for centuries. They’re even the national animal of Scotland!

We all know that, sadly, unicorns aren’t real. Well… most of us. We’ve rounded up ten fantastical stories about unicorns popping up in everyday life. Adventure awaits!


Extinction Does Indeed Stink – This is as cute as a baby unicorn sleeping in a giant flower.

Triceraflops – Maybe that’s where the legend came from!

My Family And Other (Fake) Animals – “Narwhals, narwhals, swimmin’ in the ocean, causing a commotion, ’cause they are so awesome…”

For The Sake Of Demonstration – He did it for the Vine.

It Was A One-Horned Fabulous Purple People Lover – That’s not what people normally mean when they call someone a unicorn…

Being Very Frank About Your Art – This really makes me want to dig out my old school folders.

Just Another Mild Mannered Horse – Hits from the comments: “You go, customer! Keep believing! Life’s too short to let the magic die.”

Unicorns, Flamingos, And Math, Oh My! – Sometimes real life is stranger than fantasy.

Time To Pega-sulk – I think this is sweet. But I’m not positive.

That Is ‘Pretty’ Awesome – Let’s wrap things up with one of our all-time favorite wholesome tales!


We hope you enjoyed this Unicorn-themed roundup! Want to send in your own story? Submit your story here!

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